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How Snow Can Damage Your Roof

A winter in Ohio is really a beautiful thing. We get to enjoy that nice cool weather (sometimes a bit too cool), the snow is gorgeous, and it’s all around a season full of fun things to do. But it brings with it some challenges as well, and as a homeowner, there is one in particular you should be made aware of. Did you know that snow can pose a serious risk to your roof?

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Why Is Snow Dangerous to Your Roof?

Snow poses two primary risks to your home: one, it can actually cause damage due to its sheer weight (which is surprisingly formidable). And the second risk is water damage and leaking. Let’s take this a piece at a time.

Can Snow Be Too Heavy for My Roof to Handle?

In short, yes! Heavy snowfall and the formation of ice dams can pile snow high up on your roof, which actually exerts a considerable amount of force on your roof, potentially resulting in damage. It’s not the most common problem in the world, but two types of roofs have trouble with the weight of a heavy snow. These are old roofs and poor quality/poorly installed roofs.

If a roof is getting on in the years, it is possible that its structure is no longer as robust as it used to be—particularly if you’ve done major home additions and not addressed the roof’s needs. And likewise, a poorly installed roof can be structurally weak, and full of potential risks that can be triggered by the weight of heavy snow.

The best way to address this is to simply have a roofing professional perform a diagnosis of your roof, which is a doubly good idea if you’re new to your home, or never learned anything about the roof when you first purchased it.

Leaks? Water damage?

Oh, yes. This is the really common risk, and the one our professionals address all too often. You can see problematic leaking when:

  • Your roof has pre-existing damage. Any crack, buckle, or divot in your roof is going to let water in. And when it snows, this is a super serious problem because frozen water sticks around for a while, and will generally begin melting where it contacts your roof first. This traps that water, and with nowhere to go, it’ll find ways into your attic or ceiling.
  • Ice dams are forming on your roof. Ice dams, those little (or massive) ridges of ice that form on your roof, are a very real threat. They tend to, what else, dam up the water flow that is naturally supposed to occur. When that water gets trapped, it’ll get into your home between shingles, or by sneaking into flashing.
  • Your roof is getting old or shingles are missing. Same story as above: missing shingles and similar problems are essentially just holes, and water is going to get into them, resulting in water damage to the roof, the weakening of its structure, and some serious damage eventually.

Superior Roofing Service in Columbus, OH

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