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Elevate Your Home’s Exterior with James Hardie Trim

Texture, Highlights, or Colorful Contrasts: Trim Makes the Difference

Siding might be a home’s main attraction, but it’s the trim that helps bring it all together. Like sprinkles on cupcakes or an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, it can be that extra oomph that gives your home its unique charm.

Exterior trim is mainly decorative, yet without it, a house can look “unfinished.” At APCO, we’re big fans of James Hardie’s fiber cement siding products for their quality and classic look, and their trims are no exception. Here are some of our favorite ways to use HardieTrim® boards for both performance and style.

How Trim Transforms Your Home

As they say, the devil is in the details. Whether it’s pocket squares for men or silk scarves for women, adding that finishing touch can be the difference between ho-hum and looking sharp. The same is true for your home. You can use trim to line your roof, accent siding, frame windows and doors, and more. It provides pops of color or makes your front door stand out, boosting your home’s curb appeal in a multitude of ways.

More Than Horizontal Lines

It’s the standard format, but siding installation doesn’t have to be all horizontal lines. Installing some siding or trim in a vertical orientation — or even on the diagonal — can be a wonderful, eye-catching look.

Accentuate the Positive

Trim is a fantastic choice for breaking up the monotony and drawing attention to your home’s best features. Without trim, your house is just a series of uninterrupted surfaces. Use trim to highlight certain features such as:

  • Around windows and doors
  • Between roof fascia and soffit or between soffit and siding
  • Inside and outside corners
  • Exterior wall bases
  • Around railing posts

There’s a bonus to trim, too. When you use it in locations where two surfaces join or change direction, it also helps inhibit moisture penetration.

Add Visual Interest

There are dozens of creative ways to use trim. Here’s just a few:

  • Use a heavy white trim to provide contrast to neutral-toned or painted siding.
  • Thick frame exterior window trim is a classic look that gives your home a put-together look.
  • Experiment with contrasting or complementary colors to achieve a bold or classical look. White is the traditional choice to tie together a home’s exterior elements, but high-contrast or non-white monochrome color schemes can make windows and doors pop. Yellow trim against blue siding is energizing and dynamic. You can achieve a subtler look by choosing a trim color that’s a few shades darker or lighter than the siding. This is a great option when you want to highlight specific architectural details.

All Trimmed Up

Though most people think of doors and windows when talking about trim, the possibilities extend much farther. For instance, window trim can be extended over the entire house facade, creating a one-of-a-kind appearance. Inside and outside corner trim adds color and emphasizes a house’s height. And battens create vertical lines on vertical panels, like what you see on farmhouse-style homes.

APCO offers a complete line of HardieTrim boards to beautifully complement your new siding and complete your home’s aesthetic appeal. For over 50 years, we’ve stood behind every product and service we offer, including the installation of siding and trim. Our superior product knowledge and exceptional customer service have earned us multiple awards and ensure you receive only the highest level of quality and performance.

To learn more about James Hardie products and arrange a consultation, contact APCO online today or call us at 614-254-5489.


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