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Entry Door Installation & Replacement in Columbus, Ohio

First impressions are important, and your entry door is a big part of the first impression of your home. In addition to a dated appearance, older entry doors can also be a major source of energy loss. Some home improvements are better investments than others, and if you need a new front door, it’s an improvement that practically pays for itself. You could get as much as a 65% return on your investment with APCO replacement doors in Ohio.

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Professional Installation Makes the Difference

Your entry door installation will make a positive difference in energy efficiency. APCO professional installers will guarantee your new front door will tightly seal, so Columbus’ occasional extreme weather stays outside where it belongs. You could also see lower monthly energy bills immediately, and you will substantially increase your home security.

The increased curb appeal, property value, and safety make a new entry door a great investment, even if you don’t plan to sell your house this year or next. Be sure to ask about our storm doors, patio doors, and pet doors too.

You can choose from beautiful styles and materials that will enhance your architecture. Your Columbus customized entry door will feature every detail, superior hardware, and the security you deserve.

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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Entry Door

If your door is between 20 and 30 years old, it’s probably showing its age:

  • Dents: Dents compromise your door’s structural integrity.
  • Difficulty closing/opening: If your door “sticks,” it may be warped.
  • Drafts: There should be no draftiness near your front door.
  • Higher energy bills: If your heating or cooling bills spike, it may be a sign that your doors or windows are leaky.
  • Light: You shouldn’t see sunlight around the frame.
  • Lock/handle problems: If the lock barely works and the door is old, it may be time to replace them both.
  • Rot/rust: Rotting wood or rusty areas means there may be moisture issues. Your door’s safety may also be compromised.

Folks in the Buckeye State are no-nonsense, savvy homeowners. You want the most affordable price and the finest quality. And since 1962, that’s been the standard for APCO.

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Entry Door Choices Are Exciting With APCO

When you plan to replace your entry door, you have a lot of choices with APCO! What’s your style? What features matter most?

Choose from:

  • Embarq®: “A new way of thinking” and the most energy-efficient door in the United States
  • Heritage™ Fiberglass: Beauty and affordability with uncompromised style and security
  • Signet: Prepare to be amazed at the look of wood, styled from best-in-class fiberglass
  • Legacy™ Steel: The traditional, timeless beauty of wood with the strength of 20-gauge steel

If you don’t see the exact door you want:

  • Design your door: You can upload an image of your home or work with a generated image that looks like your home, then design your entry door. This DIY tool is fun, so you can spend all the time you want creating the perfect front door.

APCO is Ohio’s award-winning door replacement and installation company, and we won’t compromise quality or customer service.

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