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Pet Door Installation in Metro Columbus Area

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We see extreme temperatures here in the Columbus Metro area. For that reason, many homeowners hesitate to install a pet door. They fear the cold weather will come in or their cooled air will escape out. Another concern is that home security will be compromised with a pet door. But modern pet doors virtually eliminate these concerns.

Newer pet doors have heavy-duty magnetic flaps that minimize or eliminate energy loss. Some can be locked or blocked with a slide-in panel for times when you don’t want to let your pet out. And solid frames with weatherstripping mean the pet door will last as long as the main door.

Six Reasons Why You Need A Pet Door

A pet door provides freedom – for your pet and you. Nothing can take the place of walking your dog around the neighborhood, but sometimes you are busy elsewhere. A pet door gives your dog the freedom to go outside to relieve themselves and gives you confidence that your flooring won’t be ruined while you’re busy or away.

Reasons to get a pet door include:

  1. Convenience – There is a T-shirt for pet owners that reads, “Agenda for the day: Let the dog out. Let the dog in. Let the dog out. Let the dog in…” If you’re tired of spending a good portion of the day opening the back door (especially for those 3 a.m. wake-up calls), a pet door is worth the investment.
  2. Damage control – You’ve heard of – or possibly experienced – the incredible damage dogs can do to a room when they feel trapped there. One dog, when locked in a laundry room for two hours, ripped out an entire wall. The dog’s owner called her husband and hysterically explained what happened; he soothingly said it would be an easy fix. “This is not an easy repair!” she sobbed. “We need a contractor to fix this!”
  3. Health – Well-trained dogs will wait for an extended length of time to relieve themselves, which can lead to painful infections. We’ve all heard stories of dogs who become sick rather than urinate in an unfamiliar place. Giving dogs a safe way to relieve themselves keeps them in good health — and it gives them more opportunities for exercise, which is something many pets lack. Exploring the outdoors keeps house dogs mentally alert, too.
  4. Safety – Keeping your pet in the backyard isn’t a bad option with sufficient shelter and food. But some of our Ohio freezes are deadly to animals if they’re left outside for too long. There have also been instances when a house fire trapped the family pet inside. A pet door means your pet can get in out of the cold or escape an emergency. Increasing your pet’s safety gives you peace of mind.
  5. Security – APCO offers a pet door that can be locked when everyone is in for the night. Not many intruders can get into your home through an open pet door, even if you have a large dog. A pet door also allows your dog to deter any suspicious visitors.
  6. Stress – You know you’re not at your best when you’re in dire need of a bathroom; your pet experiences the same thing! Often, an accident stresses your pet even more than you. When a well-trained dog can’t potty in the yard, the confusion and stress affect their behaviors, sometimes leading to chewing or scratching furniture.

My name is Ottis, I’m a representative for APCO specializing in doors – doggie doors, that is. So if you think a doggie door might be good for you, give me a call. Thanks,

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APCO Factory-Installed Doggie Doors

Let’s discuss what kind of pet door would work best for your property. We can install a new door for you with a preinstalled doggie door that will allow your pet easy indoor/outdoor access.

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