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Hopper Window Installation in the Columbus, OH Area

Hopper window installation is a popular remodeling project for homeowners in the Columbia, OH, area because of their energy efficiency, excellent ventilation benefits, and ability to fit the tightest spaces.

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Hopper Window Features

A hopper window is a small window designed on the same manufacturing principles as awning windows, with the difference being they open inward along a bottom hinge. That means they open from the top like an oven door, downward and inward. They typically open with a crank or hinge.

Hopper windows look like small picture windows when closed and can be customized to include screens. Their sleek design profile features our ENERGY STAR®-certified double- and triple-pane options provided by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, like:

Best Uses for Hopper Windows

At APCO, we have installed many hopper windows for Ohio homeowners looking for peace of mind when it comes to insulation, energy savings, and safety.

Hopper windows are often installed in basements, attics, and other rooms that have limited wall space for larger windows but require ventilation. They’re also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where you need lift and ventilation from moisture.

If you are building a new home with a basement, have a basement in your existing home with windows that do not open, or want to add smaller, operable windows to classic picture or double-hung windows, then hopper windows are a perfect choice!

Advantages of Hopper Windows

The design of hopper windows can offer several advantages that make them ideal for certain rooms or locations in your Ohio home. Here are several benefits to getting hopper windows for your basement, attic, kitchen, or bathroom:

  • Ease of use: Their crank handle makes hopper windows easier to open.
  • Security: Hopper windows are usually too small for a person to fit through, adding an extra layer of security. It’s very unlikely that an intruder could enter your home through these windows!
  • Maximum ventilation: A main advantage of hopper windows is their ability to provide ventilation without taking up much space. This is especially important for basements and bathrooms that breed moisture. Hopper windows help control the room’s humidity, as the added ventilation is great at eliminating excess moisture in the air.
  • Energy efficiency: The unique latch system creates an airtight seal, preventing cold air, rain, and other outside elements from entering. Hopper windows also let in natural light, which can significantly brighten a darker kitchen or basement.

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Things To Consider About Hopper Windows

All windows have their benefits and drawbacks. Because of their design, hopper windows tend to accumulate more dirt and debris than other replacement window styles; however, they are fairly easy to clean.

One downside of hopper windows is that it’s challenging to cover them with window treatments because they open into the home. This means you’ll have fewer options for decoration and less privacy if your hopper window is located lower on the wall. However, you can always add tints and films to block the view from the outside.

Hopper replacement windows are great for security because they are difficult to break into. However, hopper windows would also be difficult to use as an escape route in an emergency like a fire because they are smaller than most windows. You’ll need to consider this if you are thinking of installing hopper replacement windows in bedrooms or bathrooms. Check local codes to see if specific window sizes are required in some rooms.

Hopper Window Services by APCO

Choosing the right replacement windows can be a lengthy process with the various window styles, materials, and types of windows that are available. It’s important to learn all you can about your window options before choosing one for your Columbus home.

Contact the window experts at APCO today to learn more about our hopper windows replacement and discover our premier collection of high-quality windows.

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