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Fiberglass Windows in Columbus

Fiberglass double hung windows with grids enhance the colonial styling of this home.
Fiberglass double-hung windows with grids enhance the colonial styling of this home.

Installation and Replacement of Columbus-Area Windows

Are you building a new home and looking for someone to install an entirely new set of windows for your custom-built house? Have your windows seen better days and need to be replaced? Are you searching for a more energy-efficient way to save on your utility bills? Our experienced window experts can help you with all of these aspects of installation and replacement and more!

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The Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are an excellent addition to a home, providing high performance while only requiring minimal maintenance.

A few of the benefits of fiberglass windows include:

  • Minimal expansion with weather fluctuation
  • Variety in veneer options
  • Durability over time
  • Resistant to rot, swelling
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified choices
  • And more!

How Fiberglass Windows Outlast the Competition

Fiberglass windows are resistant to cracks, dents, weather, expansion, and—most important of all—they are flexible. The ability of your windows to withstand anything the environment throws at them but still roll with any changes that occur within your framing is a huge asset to your home.

The specially compounded resins and thin strands of strong glass found in fiberglass combine to create a material so strong, it is used in bridge construction; so stable, it remains virtually unchanged even when it is subjected to extremes such as temperatures ranging from -30 to 350 degrees.

The components expand and contract at virtually the same minute rate as glass, so each window remains tightly sealed with no leaks, seal failures, or stress cracks. It is so strong, we have to use diamond-edge blades to cut the pieces to size. Imagine what that level of durability your home can endure with windows like that!

APCO’s Fiberglass Windows for Columbus, Ohio

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Working with APCO means working with a company that’s been a trusted member of the Columbus community since 1962. We have your best interests in mind and we keep transparency forefront in our minds in all our endeavors, from our pricing to our warranties.

But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials of your neighbors to see what they have to say about the work we’ve completed on other window jobs!

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