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Board & Batten Siding Installation in Columbus, Ohio

siding in columbus, oh

The siding of your Columbus home is one of the most important and critical components of your exterior. A good siding not only gives your home a great aesthetic appeal—it’s also the first line of defense against weather and wear. Strong, effective modern siding can even impact the energy-efficiency and comfort of your home.

APCO offers board and batten style siding in a variety of materials, from APCO vinyl siding to James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Looking for flawless design and superior service for your Columbus home’s siding? Contact the professionals at APCO online today to begin your consultation, or give us a call at 614-254-5489!

What Is Board & Batten Siding?

If you’re unfamiliar, board and batten siding is a style that utilizes a very rustic, time-tested method. 8-12” siding boards are placed either horizontally or vertically across your home, and battens, smaller strips of the same or a similar material, are fixed between these siding boards where there is a gap. The result is a sort of standing-seam, which helps to protect your home from weather and to help insulate.

Board and batten was traditionally used for cottage of farmhouse style homes, but modern materials and applications have found them to be excellent and gorgeous even for more modern homes. The most popular materials include gorgeous and handsome wood, vinyl for added protection and appearance versatility, or synthetic wood products for varying effects.

Board & Batten Siding Installation in Columbus, OH

Board and batten has been used for generations, and modern applications have only made it a more popular and attractive choice. At APCO, our experts are proud to provide comprehensive board and batten services, including a new installation or replacement for your Columbus home.

Our siding professionals have years of experience in handling board and batten projects. We have the knowledge, tools, and access to superior products to ensure you get the absolute best for your home. When you want quality and dedication from your siding projects, you’ll never be let down by the siding team at APCO!

The Benefits of Board & Batten Siding

Board and batten installations can bring you a lot more than just a solid siding option! When you choose board and batten with APCO, you’ll get:

  • Strong, reliable siding. Board and batten requires a wee bit of maintenance to ensure longevity, but it will last you years. You can expect a long life from your board and batten, and additionally you’ll see little signs of wear or damage, as the materials, whether wood, fiber cement, or vinyl, are time-tested and highly durable.
  • Unique aesthetic appeal. Board and batten is far less common than it was in days long past, making it a very unique option for your Columbus home. When you want a rustic, classic home appearance, nothing does it quite like board and batten.
  • Design versatility. There are a lot of options when it comes to board and batten. A wide array of materials and colors gives you tons of customization, as well as deciding the length and direction of the boards. When you want unique, board and batten is just the way to go!
  • Increased home value. Board and batten is counted amongst some of the most sought-after siding times for buyers, meaning a new installation done right can see your home value go up considerably.

Choosing APCO for Your Board & Batten Siding Installation in the Columbus, Ohio Area

APCO was founded over 50 years ago and has been a leading exterior contractor in the Columbus area ever since. We offer premier siding replacement, installation, and repair services for any size or type of home. With decades of siding installation experience, our work shines when it comes to the finer details of each project. Over the years, APCO has perfected the siding installation process down to the smallest of details. We know what separates an average job from a great looking project that will make both APCO and our customers proud.

If you’re interested in siding installation, replacement, or repair in the Greater Columbus area, give us a call at 614-254-5489 or contact us online.

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