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Of all the home improvement projects you may consider, replacement doors top the list for their potential to increase property value. APCO is Ohio’s award-winning door replacement and installation company. This is your year to find out why! High-quality, secure doors don’t have to be expensive.

What service do you need? What do you want? Whether you want an entry door, a storm door, a patio door, or a pet door insert, APCO is the company that has you covered.

Call us at 614-254-5489 or contact us online to get started with our door installation and replacement services in the Columbus, OH, area.

Professional Door Installation in Columbus

Entry Door Replacement & Installation Service Company in Columbus

First impressions are important. Older entry doors often have unattractive peeling paint or rotted wood, and they’re also a major source of energy loss. Your entry door installation will make a positive difference in energy efficiency.

Choose from:

APCO is the door company that will guarantee your new front door will tightly seal so that our extreme Ohio weather stays outside where it belongs. You may see lower monthly energy bills immediately.

Entry Doors: What’s Your Style?

  • Embarq doors offer a “new way of thinking” and are the most energy-efficient door in the United States.
  • Heritage fiberglass doors provide beauty and affordability with uncompromised style and security.
  • Legacy™ Steel doors offer the best of both worlds with traditional, timeless beauty with the look of wood and security with 20-gauge steel strength.
  • Signet doors provide a stunningly realistic wood look but are styled from best-in-class fiberglass.

If you don’t see exactly what you want:

  • Design your door – Upload an image of your home or generate an image that looks like your home. Then design your perfect door!

Some home improvements are better investments than others. If you want a new front door, you could recoup as much as 65% of your investment with an APCO replacement entry door.

Do you have questions about entry door replacement in Ohio’s Franklin County area? Call 614-254-5489 or contact APCO to learn more.

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Patio and Sliding Door Installation Service in Columbus

Patio doors offer maximum sunlight and views. They’re perfect for keeping an eye on kids, especially if you have a pool. You’ll have easier outdoor access with sliding doors and eliminate the swing space so you can make the most of your living area.

Security is critical. That’s why professional patio door installation or replacement is important. We’ll show you how APCO patio doors offer beautiful views and are more secure. Contact APCO or call 614-254-5489 today.

Storm Doors Replaced or Installed for Columbus Winters

Storm doors are versatile and necessary for Midwestern houses. They provide additional weather protection and usually have interchangeable glass and screen panels. You can open the front door and enjoy nice weather without letting the bugs in.

Choose from:

Don’t hide the beauty of your entry door. We can help. Call 614-254-5489 or contact APCO if you need new or replacement storm doors.

Your Four-Legged Family: Dog and Pet Door Installation

As a dog owner, you’re constantly letting your furry friend inside and outside. Not all pets that need entry/exit doors are dogs, but most dogs need doors. They don’t like accidents any more than you.

Pet door benefits include:

  • Pets have the freedom to go outside when they want.
  • Locking mechanisms allow for additional security.
  • You won’t have to endure any middle-of-the-night walks.
  • Pets won’t be trapped outside during harsh weather or inside if there’s a fire.
  • Dogs can “go” when they need to, which is healthier than having to wait until you return or can take them outside.

Doors, windows, siding, sunrooms, gutters: We’re all about making your home safer, more comfortable, and attractive. Call 614-254-5489 or contact APCO for your next home improvement project!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Installation Company

Can I install a door myself?

Yes, you can, but even the most experienced do-it-yourselfers will find the door installation process to be pretty difficult. Even the simplest pre-hung doors require a great deal of skill to install properly, and it is important for exterior doors to be weathertight and secure. To avoid needing to redo the job multiple times or purchase additional materials to correct a poor seal, you should hire a professional.

How long does door installation usually take?

Your door can be replaced in less than a day. A simple, single-door install takes approximately four hours to complete.

Can I install a storm door on the entry of my home?

A storm door is a great way to protect your home from rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Installing a storm door provides an effective barrier between your home and the elements, and it is specifically designed to prevent these outdoor intruders from entering your house. The experts at APCO can evaluate your front door and suggest the best options to suit your home’s needs and aesthetics.

Want to learn more about your door replacement options? Contact the experts at APCO by calling (614) 254-5489 today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

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