Wood Deck Installation in Columbus, Ohio

There is something about the feel of a wood deck that makes a person feel like they have a bit of the country, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a city. Not only does a wood deck look beautiful, but it feels warm and comfortable when you kick off your shoes on a warm summer evening. Wood often seems to have a life of its own, adding comfort to any environment. Wood decking still holds the position of one of the most popular choices for decks, in both private residences and businesses. Its versatility, ease of care, and ability to last a long time all add to its appeal.

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Wood Deck Installation

Installing a wood deck is fairly easy for a person who is used to working with their hands, but it takes time and skill to make sure everything comes together properly. Wood decks require more time to install as the pieces are often more narrow than other materials. This requires making sure the pieces fit together perfectly, both in grain design and in eliminating any gaps between boards that could harbor moisture and become subject to mold or mildew, and weaken the structure. If not installed properly, you could find the wood warping, ruining the whole look and feel of your deck. Unless you are a woodworker with a lot of experience, having a deck professionally installed by a trusted contractor is the best way to make sure your investment stays looking good for years to come.

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Wood Deck Maintenance

Untreated wood weathers over time, changing look and feel. To keep your wood deck looking brand new over the years, it needs to have regular maintenance. Applying a water sealer will keep it from being subject to water damage, which can cause warping and discoloration. Wood decks should be checked regularly for any signs of mildew. This needs eliminated as soon as possible to prevent spreading. A thorough cleaning, including the cracks between boards should be done at least seasonally and the coating redone each year to keep it effectively preventing wear and tear on the wood itself.

Wood Decking Choices from APCO

Wood is one of the most versatile materials to choose from. Whether you choose cedar, redwood, cypress, pine, or some exotic type of wood, you create the entire feel of your outdoor living area with the choice. Stains also add even more choices to the picture. Due to the nature of wood grain, no two wood decks are ever exactly alike, making it possible for everyone to find a style that reflects their personality. Each type of wood gives off a different look and feel. From the most modest to complete elegance, there is a wood that conveys the exact message you aim to make.

Benefits of Wood Decks

Wood decks are the popular choice for many reasons. Among those given by our customers are:

  • Wood tends to blend into the outdoor environment well. An outdoor living area is often a refuge from society for a time and the more “natural” the environment, the more soothing.
  • Wood is versatile. Regardless of your personality and taste, there is a wood, a stain, and a design that fits perfectly.
  • Wood decks can fit into any budget. From the less expensive pines to the costly exotic woods, there is a wood that fits your budget and lifestyle perfectly.
  • Wood is long-lasting. Wood has the ability to last for decades if properly taken care of. It doesn’t require a complete redoing as often as many other materials.
  • Wood doesn’t often get overly hot or overly cold. The extremes of weather don’t transfer to wood as easily as other materials. Even on the hottest of days, you can often walk on wood in your bare feet. Wood seems to have its own internal temperature control.
  • Wood has more “personality” than other materials. Brick is brick but every piece of wood seems to radiate its own personality. It almost feels like wood is a living material and that adds a personal feel to each wood deck.

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