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Pro Exterior is a division of APCO exclusively focused on windows and doors by Marvin® and Siding by James Hardie®. We have carefully selected these as two of the finest products in the marketplace today. Marvin and James Hardie provide the absolute best products in the business. We are proud to distribute and install these top-of-the-line products.

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Contact us today here to schedule service or find out more. You can also visit the Pro Exterior website for more information.

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Marvin Windows & Doors, Sierra Pacific Windows & James Hardie Siding in the Columbus Area

Windows and siding are two of the most important aspects of your home, and you can immediately increase your home’s value by choosing these products. When properly installed by the experts at Pro Exterior, these improvements can also help maintain that value of your home for years to come.

A well-designed house should make you happy whenever you see it. You work hard for your family, and you know it feels good to have a well-designed and updated home. The last thing you need is anxiety about how your old siding is performing or how your windows handle the changing seasons here in Columbus, Ohio.

Reliability is crucial. That’s why so many people choose James Hardie, Sierra Pacific, and Marvin Windows when quality, appearance, and reliability matter.

James Hardie Siding in the Columbus Area

james hardie siding by pro exterior in columbus ohio

When you purchase James Hardie siding, you can be sure it was created to withstand any weather that is likely to occur in your area, making it less subject to the ravages that weather can create.

There are many reasons homeowners in the Columbus area are choosing to install James Hardie siding, including:

  • Fire-resistance: HardiePlank siding has been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards of fire resistance. No siding material has been made completely fireproof. However, when you choose HardiePlank, you get the reassurance that you have the greatest possible resistance to fire, which translates into better safety for your home.
  • Durable: Ohio has extreme weather, especially during the colder months. James Hardie siding is guaranteed to withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour. It can also withstand hail, and the fiber-cement siding is designed to last approximately 50 years. This durability results from the fiber-cement siding being five times thicker than most other sidings. James Hardie siding also has a warranty against warping, delaminating, and rotting.
  • Eco-friendliness: James Hardie siding earns a positive rating in being green because it is both durable and sustainable. Its use lessens the need to have your siding redone frequently, which reduces waste and the overuse of products we need to preserve.
  • Personalizable: Not only is HardiePlank the lightest cement board available, but it is also one of the most durable and easily personalized. Its surface allows for painting, tiling, texturing, or wallpapering. One board allows for adaptation to a variety of looks, making it the choice of individuals who want to add their own personal signature to their home.

There are many benefits to choosing James Hardie siding. The most popular style of James Hardie siding is HardiePlank siding, which includes the following benefits.

  • Less maintenance: Most sidings are subject to the freeze-thaw cycle that causes expanding and contracting, which results in cracked paint. HardiePlank siding is resistant to this cycle, making it less likely that paint will crack as quickly.
  • UV resistance: A specialized coating is available that protects HardiePlank from the color fading that often results from the sun’s UV rays. This protects your investment and allows the color to remain vibrant much longer.
  • Pest and fire resistance: While nobody can completely guarantee that material won’t burn or that a new strain of termites won’t suddenly appear, HardiePlank siding was created to maintain the highest resistance possible to both fire and insects.
  • Customer satisfaction: People take extra pride in how their home appears. Our satisfied customers prove that HardiePlank has met the approval of more homeowners than most other products.
  • Good Housekeeping’s Seal of Excellence: This is the most coveted award for anyone who provides products in the housing industry. It takes a quality product to gain this seal, and you know you are getting an excellent product when you see it.

If you live in the Columbus, OH, area, contact us today for an estimate on your HardiePlank siding project. 

Marvin Windows & Doors in the Columbus Area

marvin windows from pro exterior in columbus ohio

Marvin windows are a way to personalize your home. They are made of the highest quality wood, fiberglass, and aluminum and crafted by our innovative team.

A few of the benefits of Marvin windows include:

  • Customization to any aspect of your home
  • A variety of veneer options
  • Low-profile door thresholds
  • Better-designed locking mechanisms
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified choices
  • Over four generations of history
  • And more!

Marvin Windows has been a family brand from the start, emphasizing honesty and hard work to their customers.  Marvin doesn’t take shortcuts, abiding by the strictest possible production standards of the windows that will one day grace your home. This means that we at APCO stand behind the Marvin windows that we sell because we have the same kinds of beliefs — those of integrity, honesty, and forthrightness.

Marvin offers a range of doors, in addition to windows. Their sliding doors set the industry benchmark for effortless and graceful operation with styles to complement any room or design. Marvin scenic doors bring the outdoors in by elegantly and effortlessly connecting your inside space with the environment found right outside your doors. You don’t want anything to stand between you and your view. Their swinging patio doors are designed to perform with style and beauty, with unmatched flexibility and design options, from traditional to contemporary.

mrvin doors from pro exterior in columbus ohio

Sierra Pacific Windows in the Columbus Area

The best windows and doors bring light and fresh air into your home and showcase the natural beauty outside. But Sierra Pacific products add beauty to your home as well by harnessing the natural charm of wood. Sierra Pacific invests in sustainable forest management and uses leftover bark as boiler fuel to power cogeneration facilities, so you can be confident your windows and doors will help keep the planet healthy.

Other factors that make Sierra Pacific windows and doors stand out:

  • A vertical integration structure means Sierra Pacific oversees every aspect of window production, from the time a seedling is planted to the day a finished window is shipped to you.
  • CoreGuard Plus is a patented organic treatment that penetrates wood to the core to resist moisture, pests, and rotting.
  • Wood windows are tested in a Hawaiian rainforest to mimic decades of exposure.

Sierra Pacific offers windows in styles from classic casement to grand bay windows in a myriad of wood species or vinyl finishes. Our favorite: The H3 double-hung window. Its patent-pending Fusion Tech design combines wood, aluminum, and vinyl so you get the best features of all materials: the beauty of wood, the strength of vinyl, and the lightweight durability of aluminum.


Looking for the best exterior products for your project? At APCO, we pride ourselves on choosing and installing some of the best products on the market based on extensive research on windows, siding, and doors.

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