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Gutter Sizes

The gutters your home or business in Columbus is equipped with are key to a healthy structure. Gutters protect against water damage on the roof, as well as prolong the roof’s lifespan, they’re important to the health of your siding, and they play an important role in protecting your foundation, too. This is why choosing the correct size gutters for your needs is absolutely crucial, and why at APCO we work hard to ensure your gutters specifically match your unique needs.

APCO has been offering top-class gutter and roof services to clients in Columbus, OH for decades. We put your needs above all else, offering leading products and services that suit your specific home or business best. When it comes to choosing the perfect gutters for your use, no one can do it better or offer you a more superior product!

Need help sizing gutters for your home, or want to get started with a new gutter replacement project? Contact us online or give us a call at 614-254-5489!

Choosing Your Gutter Size with APCO

Our team is dedicated to offering the highest quality, and also the right product to suit your needs. The gutter and downspout must match as well—if not, your gutters are liable to overfill, and thus overflow as we mentioned above. At APCO we offer:

5-Inch Gutters w/ 3-inch Matched Downspout

5 inch gutters are the most commonly used industry standard for residential applications, and tend to suit most if not all Columbus homes perfectly. Matched with a 3 inch downspout (spouting), you can expect your gutters to perform optimally for your home.

6-Inch Gutters w/ 4-Inch Matched Downspout

6-Inch gutters are frequently used in commercial applications. There are some cases where 6-inch gutters are needed for homes, though this is rare. We match your commercial-quality 6-inch gutters with a 4-inch downspout to ensure healthy water flow.

Why Gutter Size Is Important

The size of your gutters is important because gutters that are too small will result in cascades of damaging water hitting your siding and landscape. In Ohio we can expect considerable rainfall, so your gutters must be able to accommodate windblown rain on a routine basis. At the same time gutters cannot be too large, either. Excessive gutters are not only a waste of investment, they also can impact the overall health of your roof by adding unwanted weight.

Call APCO for All Your Gutter Needs in Columbus

APCO was founded over 50 years ago and has been a leading gutter contractor in the Columbus area ever since. When it comes to installation and replacement, we offer premier gutter services for all homes.

Looking to get superior gutter solutions and services for your Ohio home? Contact the experts at APCO online today, or contact us over the phone at 614-254-5489 to speak with one of our seasoned professionals!

APCO offers top notch gutter repair and service throughout the following cities and their surrounding areas: Bexley, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Lewis Center, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, and Westerville.

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