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Fixed Glass Windows in Columbus, Ohio

Clad wood windows creating a wall of glass
Clad wood windows creating a wall of glass

Designing the perfect remodel or new construction in Columbus typically means matching your tastes with the right set of features. But sometimes we want something different, something more, or something wholly unique in order to breathe new life into spaces. And for that, nothing quite does it like a fixed glass window wall. At APCO our team is passionate about providing homeowners with leading custom home services and solutions, and we’re proud to count full window walls to our list of perfect home installations!

Our specialists have been proudly serving Columbus, Ohio home and business owners for decades. We provide the absolute best in superior products, customer-focused services, and our team is second to none in craftsmanship and dedication. When you’re looking for major projects like fixed glass walls for your home, you need a team at the top of their game. And at APCO we never offer anything short of perfection.

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Fixed Glass Window Wall Installation

Customized window walls offer a completely different take on providing stunning views, adding natural light, and creating unique home designs. They’re perfect for relaxing libraries, offices, and even living room spaces that capitalize on the beauty of your outdoor space and feature exceptionally gorgeous designs that can add flair and sophistication to homes of any size or style.

Window walls are typically a fairly custom project, meaning when you want to undergo a project of this scale you want a team that has the skill and knowledge to get it done right. It’s a big investment, and one that will pay off in spades, but only if it is handled with precision and care. That’s why APCO takes great pains in order to ensure we meet your needs without exception. We work right with you in order to design and implement your new fixed glass walls.

The Benefits of Window Walls

They’re unique, sure, but what does that actually mean for you and your home? Why choose window walls over, say, standard windows or geometric windows? Well, you sure could choose either, and we’d be glad to provide! But window walls, just like any other type of window, carry some specific advantages:

  • Customizable design options. Due to how they have to be constructed to fit each home specifically, it’s very rare for any two window walls to be identical. This offers you a truly unique design option for your home design.
  • No loss of energy-efficiency. Air-tight fixed glass means that you can get all of the openness and gorgeous view of other windows without putting a hole in your home’s envelope. That means you retain all of your conditioned air comfort while still enjoying something exciting!
  • Natural light in considerable quantities. If you’re a fan of soaking up the sun’s rays, nothing at all is going to come close to what a fixed glass window wall has to offer. This is a perfect option for opening up your space and creating partial sunrooms or fantastic in-home planters.

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APCO is driven to bring you the best window products and the best window installation service possible. We offer the best window products and high quality window installation services throughout the following cities and their surrounding areas: Bexley, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Lewis Center, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, and Westerville.

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