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Winter Heat Loss Prevention in Columbus, OH

The winter season in Ohio can bring a lot of unique challenges to your home. Among these, staying comfortable is, of course, paramount. But doing so while remaining energy-efficient and keeping heating costs low is nearly just as critical. Were you aware that your windows play a big role in helping you prevent heat loss while also saving on energy bills?

It’s true! At APCO, our team is completely dedicated to helping you get the best for you and your home. That goes for bringing top-tier service, but it goes for providing critical information, too. Window installation and replacement are some of the most important services we can provide, and we want to help you understand why!

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The Role of Your Windows in the Winter: Winter Heat Loss

The big point to know here is this: A poor-quality window can lose up to five or 10 times as much heat as an insulated wall. A bad window basically bleeds warm air during the winter, making it harder for you to stay comfortable and increasing the amount of work your furnace needs to do to maintain temperatures.

This is working off of the basic principle of heat transfer—where heat always travels toward cool. In this case, the air in your home is warmer, the air outside is cooler, and the untreated window acts as a membrane where heat can travel outdoors. If you go to your windows on a cold winter day, you can actually feel this happening!


So, what can you do about this problem? It’s pretty unreasonable to just not have windows, since they provide tons of natural light while keeping the outdoors, well, outdoors. Plus, when handled correctly, they can actually help you with your heating a bit—that is, if you have the right windows with the right treatments!

Low-E Glass Coating Installation & Treatments

Low-E (low-emissivity) treatments add a thin, metallic coating that allows completely normal light transfer while blocking radiant heat exchange. This means that a low-E treatment will help you keep the warmth in your home in the winter, and the warmth out of your home in the summer!

Double- & Triple-Pane Windows

Double- and triple-pane windows are essentially exactly what they sound like—two or three panes of glass instead of one. The most important thing about them (and how they help you combat winter home heat loss) is how they are constructed.

Between each pane is an inert gas (typically argon) that helps to insulate against thermal transfer. Additionally, there’s the spacers between panes. If you’ve stood next to a window on a cold day, you’ve probably noticed that the edges of the window are always the coldest (sometimes downright drafty). The spacer of a double or triple pane is uniquely constructed to completely block this problem, keeping the cold from seeping in!

A good double- or triple-pane window can double, triple, or even quadruple the energy efficiency of your home windows. You’ll be able to tell the difference!

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Insulation Value

If you’ve done any shopping for modern windows, you’ve probably noted the “insulation value” listed with the product. What does this mean? In very simple terms, the insulation value is how much heat can transfer through your window (either in or out). A lower number is always better here, and a typical standard, run-of-the-mill single pane gets a rating of 1. A double pane essentially gets double the rating (meaning a lower, better rating), coming in around 0.5. And a low-E coating tends to drop the number even further, often around 30% or more.

Energy-Efficient Window Installation & Replacement in Columbus, OH

Can APCO help you pick the right windows for your Columbus, OH home? Absolutely! APCO was founded over 50 years ago and has been a leading exterior contractor in the Columbus area ever since. We offer energy-efficient window solutions throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas.

APCO offers energy efficient windows throughout the following cities and their surrounding areas: Bexley, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Lewis Center, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, and Westerville.

Ready to improve the efficiency in your home? Contact the installation professionals at APCO to learn more about how you can benefit from ENERGY STAR® windows in the Columbus area.

The APCO Difference in Home Improvement Projects

Heat loss prevention is important to Ohio property owners. We’re common-sense people, and we want to save energy – and money. APCO of Columbus, OH has experience providing winterization and other home improvement solutions.

We’ve been serving communities in and near Delaware, Fairfax, and Franklin counties since 1962. We were here for your parents and we’ll be here for your kids. Perhaps more importantly, we move quickly to take advantage of continued training and education because technology never stands still.

You can rely on our quality service and products. But the real difference is our customer care. Making sure our friends and neighbors (like you) get what you need at an affordable price is just good sense. After all, we live here, too. Call 614-254-5489 or contact us to learn more.


Some of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

How can I tell if I’m losing heat through my windows?

If you can feel air and/or draftiness when standing near your windows or doors, you’re losing heat. Inspect your windows and their casings. If you see cracks, gaps, or visible deterioration, that’s a sign of heat loss. Windows that become difficult to operate may indicate wear and tear on the track, which can cause heat loss, too.

It’s time to replace your windows if you see:

  • A “milky” appearance
  • Condensation between the panes
  • Mold or mildew on/near frames
  • Signs of water damage

I have a historic home. Is heat loss simply something I have to live with?

Not at all, especially if you upgrade your windows. Double-pane glass can make a measurable difference.

Which windows have the greatest heat loss?

Single-glaze windows with clear glass lose so much heat that they’re seldom installed here in Ohio. Today’s “basic” window installation is usually double-glazed, low-E with insulation between the panes.

Don’t think your home improvement project is impossible until we’ve explored all your options, including financing. An investment in new windows will be a beautiful addition to your home and increase your property value while lowering your monthly energy bill. Can we plan a project together? Call 614-254-5489 or contact us today!

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