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Is Steel or Fiberglass the Better Entry Door?

Choosing a new entry door can seem like a simple or purely aesthetic choice at first glance. But did you know that an entry door can play a huge role in the comfort and efficiency of your home as well as an important part in your overall home security? It’s a deceptively important decision to make!

At APCO our team wants to help you make the right call, so today we’re turning the spotlight onto a common and important question: is steel or fiberglass the better entry door?

A Look at Steel Entry Doors

Heavy-duty steel entry doors are smooth and simplistic in design, available in pre-stained and painted appearances, and can be customized to suit your overall home’s design.

Benefits of Installing Steel Entry Doors

  • Excellent durability and resistances. Steel doors are going to last a long time, often outlasting many other home features. They’re also exceptionally resistant to wind, rain, and other forms of weather extremes.
  • Cost-effective entry doors. Curiously enough, steel doors are actually among the most cost-effective entry door options out there, making them a smart option for the benefits they provide.
  • No risk of rot. Steel doors are either completely or mostly impervious to common forms of rot, adding to their longevity and visual appeal.

Disadvantages of Steel Entry Doors

  • They need a little more care. While a steel door doesn’t need too much care, they are a bit harder to repair in the event of a scratch or dent. In the rare event that extensive damage does occur, a replacement might become necessary.
  • Losses in energy efficiency. Modern steel doors are still quite energy-efficient compared to their older counterparts, but they are also notably less efficient than other materials like fiberglass.

What You Need to Know About Fiberglass Entry Doors

Constructed to mimic the timeless appeal of a wood door (with none of the structural drawbacks), fiberglass entry doors are a handsome and highly durable option that can be selected to suit any home type or design.

Benefits of Installing a Fiberglass Entry Door

  • Strong and resistant doors. Much like a steel door, modern fiberglass doors are constructed with top-notch synthetic materials that resist impact, cracking, and all forms of weather.
  • Minimal maintenance. Fiberglass doors require barely any effort on the homeowner’s part and are often repairable.
  • Excellent design options. Fiberglass can be fabricated to look like any type of wood and can be painted as well.
  • High energy-efficiency. Fiberglass doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning your door will resist thermal transfer like heat loss and heat gain, helping to minimize energy costs and improve overall comfort.

Disadvantage of Choosing Fiberglass Entry Doors

A higher initial cost. Among all of your available options, fiberglass stands as one of the most costly investments in an entry door. We do firmly feel that the investment is worthwhile, but it’s still worth noting as an important point for your consideration.

So, Is Steel or Fiberglass the Better Entry Door?

The answer to this depends on your preferences, your budget, and what goals you want your door to meet. This is why connecting with a knowledgeable and trustworthy home door contractor is so important. We make certain that you get the right option for your needs, and with our extensive experience, we can help you understand the benefits of each door completely.

For help deciding between steel and fiberglass entry doors in central Ohio, contact APCO today!

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