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Bay, Bow & Garden Windows in Columbus, Ohio

When you’re looking for the ideal window replacement or installation for your Columbus home, what is it you’re looking for? Do you want superior aesthetics, added function, and a wholly unique window design? If so, APCO can provide flawless bay, bow, and garden windows that are certain to impress.

APCO has been handling the window and home service needs of Ohio residents for decades. Our business is built on bringing you the absolute best in products and service, and we can guarantee a window that is absolutely ideal. We meld industry-leading products from top manufacturers with our extensive experience, ensuring you get the service you deserve!

If you’re ready to enjoy the advantages of a bay, bow, or garden window for your home contact the specialists at APCO online today, or give us a call at 614-254-5489!

What Are Bay, Bow & Garden Windows?

Though all three are similar, bay, bow, and garden windows all carry specific characteristics and benefits.

Bay windows project outward from the home, creating an angular shape. They are typically characterized by a single fixed window flanked on both sides by double-hung or casement windows. You’ve likely seen quite a few bay windows, as they were hugely popular a while back and have been making a considerable resurgence since.

Bow windows are very similar to a bay window, but most often lack the single large pane and incorporate more casement or hung windows. These are arranged in a way that curves naturally, or bows, in order to make the projection smooth. Bows are often chosen by homeowners that prefer the aesthetic of the arc over the angular nature of a bay window, and also by homeowners that prefer more control over air flow.

A garden window is structurally similar to a bay window, but are most often smaller and designed to let light in at all angles. They are typically found in kitchen spaces, though living areas are seeing them more often now as well. Garden windows are a beautiful option for, as you might expect, in-home plantings and indoor herb gardens.

Weather Shield windows installed into bay window openings.
Weather Shield windows installed into bay window openings.

Bay, Bow & Garden Window Installation

At APCO, our team offers top-class bay, bow, and garden windows from industry-leading window manufacturers including:

Our window options can guarantee a perfect fit for your home, and our seasoned window team will work hand in hand with you to help you select the ideal window to suit your unique needs. We offer the best tools, products, and customer-focused service in the industry to make your window installation or replacement one that is guaranteed to last!

All three of these window types are highly prized for their aesthetic appeal, ability to add loads of gorgeous natural light, and high energy-efficiency. Having trouble deciding? Let our experts guide you, helping you to weigh the unique benefits of each in order to find that perfect, ideal fit for your home.

Choose APCO for Bay, Bow & Garden Windows in Columbus, Ohio

Bay, bow and garden windows make a room seem larger. With their multi-unit configurations, they create the feeling that the great outdoors is actually part of the room. A bay usually consists of a large fixed window between two casement or double hung units. A bow consists of several casements or double hung units mulled together, creating a smooth arc or bow. The garden window configuration allows added sunlight from nearly any direction.

Contact the specialists at APCO online today to learn more about bay, bow, and garden window installation in Columbus, Ohio, or give us a call at 614-254-5489!

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