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Siding Materials in Columbus, OH

siding in columbus, oh

Picking out the right siding is about balancing many aspects all at once. The style is important, but who manufactured the product is big as well. Equally as important is the material used. The team at APCO in Columbus offers a diverse array of all of these, helping you gain access to the exact option to suit your needs. Looking for siding materials that fit your preferences? You’ve come to the right place.

We are your partner in choosing the ideal siding option, including the material, helping you to get siding that is secure and durable as well as attractive and efficient. By putting our top of the line equipment, training and certifications, and satisfaction guarantee to work for you we can ensure you end up with a finished product you can really love.

For more information about our siding materials or to get started on a new siding installation, contact APCO online now or call 614-254-5489 to get in touch with a team member!

Siding Materials with APCO in Columbus, Ohio

It would be incorrect to outright say any material is “better” than any other. They all have advantages and benefits, and they all have a couple of shortcomings, too. That’s why options are always a plus, since you can more easily match your siding installation needs with what’s available. Our Columbus experts offer a few good siding material options, including:

vinyl siding in columbus, oh

    • Vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has become an industry standard, loved for its easy installation, very simple maintenance needs, and considerable longevity. Many modern vinyl siding options also carry insulation benefits, helping you stay more comfortable and energy-efficient. It’s a pretty easily manipulated product, meaning there are lots of style and color options to pick from.

fiber cement siding in columbus, oh

    • Fiber cement siding. Comprised of cellulose fibers and cement (or occasionally sand) fiber cement strives to provide the advantages and appeal of wood or stone siding while removing the drawbacks. And it’s very successful at doing so! That means siding that is handsome, durable, resistant to rot, and overall very reliable.

cellular composite siding in columbus, oh

  • Cellular composite siding. Available exclusively through the manufacturer Royal, cellular composite siding is the result of marrying synthetic and natural materials in order to create something better than both. Cellular composite looks like wood, carries none of its drawbacks, and is available in a large array of styles.

Siding Projects in Columbus

To get a better idea of what you’re looking for or to see what the APCO experts have accomplished in the past we would urge you to check out our siding project gallery. We keep it up to date on the regular, so you’re sure to find something interesting every time you take a look.

Siding Installation & Replacement with APCO in Ohio

When we perform a siding installation we want to ensure you get a product that lasts, a visual appeal that suits your preferences, home design, and tastes, and something you can really enjoy and be proud of. That’s why we offer diverse material options from top name manufacturers. And it’s why we dedicate our full attention and skill to each and every project we handle.

Contact APCO online today to get started, or call 614-254-5489 to set up a consultation with our siding specialists in Columbus!

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