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Cellular Composite Siding in Columbus, Ohio

The siding installed with your home is vital proof against wind and rain, as well as a pivotal aspect of your overall home design. When choosing a new material for your replacement or new home installation you want something attractive and unique, and something that can stand up to years of exposure to Ohio weather. Are you looking for something that can meet all of these requirements, and in fact even exceed them? If so the team at APCO recommends cellular composite siding for your project!

The APCO home service team has been proudly serving Columbus clients for generations. We understand just how important having perfect siding is for your home, and so we stop at nothing to ensure you get nothing short of the best. Our skill, experience, and dedication to perfection are all that’s needed to ensure your siding project is perfect, and we guarantee satisfaction to all of our clients.

For more information on cellular composite siding or to set a date for your consultation contact APCO online today. Prefer a phone? Give us a call at 614-254-5489 any time to talk to our project leaders!

What Is Cellular Composite Siding?

Cellular composite like Celect® by Royal seeks to provide something unique and gorgeous for those seeking a top quality siding option. The material draws inspiration from timeless wood and mimics its appearance without any of the associated drawbacks of wood as a siding material.

Cellular composite makes use of a blend of recyclable synthetic and natural materials that boast considerable defense against impacts and weather alike when combined. The siding is rated to last not years but decades, and comes in a wide array of styles and colors as well.

The Benefits of Cellular Composite Siding

What kind of advantages does this material option provide for you and your home? Quite a lot, actually! When you choose cellular composite materials you can expect:

  • Product longevity. A multiple decade long warranty lets you know that you’ll be able to rely on cellular composite for years to come.
  • Lots of style options. Celect® Cellular Composite is available from APCO in board & batten, shake, clapboard and more, giving you lots of design option so that you can customize your siding to suit and enhance your home’s design
  • Seamless installation. Interlocking joints and caulked seams not only offer energy-efficiency advantages, but also keeps siding looking crisp and handsome for years.
  • Very low maintenance requirements. Cellular composite is exceptionally colorfast and isn’t subject to the fading of other material types. You’ll need to perform little more than light brushing or low-pressure washing in order to keep your cellular composite looking as great as it did the day it was installed.
  • Minimal environmental impact. The material is sustainable and minimizes environmental impact, so you can feel good about going green at your Columbus home!


Choosing a siding expert to provide your siding service is about more than just outsourcing the work. A professional is exactly that—a professional, meaning we carry decades of combined experience, an extensive knowledge base on modern siding materials and which suit your needs best, and most importantly, we can guarantee the job gets done, and done right!

You choose a professional for, in a word, surety. You want the assurance that you’re getting the best solution, the best service, and siding that will do you and your home proud for a long, long time.

APCO has been a leader in home services and installation solutions for decades. Why do our clients choose us? Because we will always put your needs first and foremost, guaranteed! When our clientswork with APCO, they always have something good to say, and we will never cease to be proud of the service our team provides.

Choosing APCO for Your Cellular Composite Siding Installation

APCO was founded over 50 years ago and has been a leading exterior contractor in the Columbus area ever since. We offer premier siding replacement, installation, and repair services for any size or type of home. With decades of siding installation experience, our work shines when it comes to the finer details of each project. Over the years, APCO has perfected the siding installation process down to the smallest of details. We know what separates an average job from a great looking project that will make both APCO and our customers proud.

If you’re interested in cellular composite siding installation, replacement, or repair in the Greater Columbus area, give us a call at 614-254-5489 or contact us online.

APCO offers high quality siding installation and repair throughout the following cities and their surrounding areas: Bexley, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Lewis Center, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, and Westerville.

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