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APCO's employees are APCO's partners. Our mission is to provide our partners with the best monetary and spiritual return possible.

Welcome to APCO


Giving Great People a Great Experience

At APCO, we’re dedicated to serving our customers better than anyone else in our industry. In order to achieve this, we choose our team very carefully. Not only is the selection process very important, but we’re also very intentional on the culture and experience we create we for our employees. Every employee at APCO is a partner, and our mission is to provide them with the best monetary and spiritual return possible. We are proud of the environment we have created at APCO and are always striving to continue improving and strengthening the culture we have. We want the best for our employees, and we are also keenly aware that happy, fulfilled employees will do the best work for you, the customer.

Employee Recognition

Two more APCO installers and an APCO production manager become officially certified in window and door installation after an all-expense-paid trip to Warroad, Minnesota.
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
APCO’s RRRRs (Review Requests Reward Recipients)
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
APCO Customer Service Satisfaction Award Winner
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5-Star APCO Pro
5 star award winners for 2022!
Gift Plinko ftw!
Plaque of original location


Afternoon Ping Pong Break in APCO's Fun Room
St. Patrick himself blessed us with his presence this St. Patrick’s Day
Luck be a lady
Breakfast at APCO by The APCO Fun Club.
Breakfast at APCO
Summer Celebration
APCO Fun room


APCO Pro's At Your Service
APCO Pro's At Your Service
Fixin' It Up! A Proud APCO Door Installer
APCO Pro Installer shows how
it's done

Christmas At APCO

A Stocking for each Employee
New Shirts for Christmas
Talking sales around the roaring fire
APCO Christmas ornaments made by
a proud APCO Employee
Holiday Decorating at APCO
Christmas Door Decorating Contest
The gingerbread service team
Best Christmas Sweaters
Enjoying the fire
We are Joyful and Triumphant
Santa ‘putt’ some thought
into this gift
Food provided by Schmidt’s. Holiday cheer provided by APCO employees.
Gathering together as a work family

Bacon and Ottis


  • My best friend’s dad works at APCO. He’s a pretty cool guy.
  • My favorite things are walks, playing fetch, and snuggling.
  • My favorite thing about APCO is their dog doors. I can’t say that wearing this hat is my favorite thing, but it makes my best friend smile, and that’s cool.
  • My name is Ottis, I’m a representative for APCO specializing in doors – doggie doors, that is. So if you think a doggie door might be good for you, give me a call. Thanks,
  • Mr. Ottis Fortin
  • Vice President of Doggie Doors’

Halloween at APCO

Would you like some pancakes right meow?
Happy Halloween from APCO

Kinda a Big Deal Award

What is it?

It is a monthly reward given to an employee who has shown improvement in their role, helped out in areas outside of their role, projected a positive attitude, received very positive feedback from customers and/or has performed above and beyond APCO management’s expectations.

Why do I want it?

This is our way of making sure you are recognized for your efforts to help our company grow and thrive.  And there is a gift certificate that comes with it!

Who is eligible?

All APCO employees that are not a judge, are eligible to receive this reward.

Who are the judges?

APCO’s Board of Directors and HR.

How many people can earn it?
At least one person will be rewarded every month.



Kinda a Big Deal Award Employees

Bob S.

Bob came on board last summer and has been putting in a performance above and beyond management’s expectations.  Bob has reorganized the warehouse, added new trucks to our fleet, and he has recovered just under $ 30,000 from a vendor that has been overcharging APCO.

Danny R.

Danny is going on his 6th year with APCO.  He has worked with a lot of guys in the gutter department but has stuck through the good and the bad.  He has really helped establish a fresh start to the gutter department this past year.

Eddie S.

Eddie started with APCO in the summer of 2018 and quickly became a gutter lead.  His work ethic and attention to detail have definitely helped improve our gutter department this past year.

Eric B.

Eric started at APCO last spring, in the warehouse but moved over to the gutter division after a position on the team opened up.  Eric has been a great help with his experience in roofing and has a good work ethic.

Tristin S.

Tristin came on board last summer and has become the guy that gets it done, no questions asked.  Tristin is learning quickly and doing a great job.

Danny, Eddie, Eric, Tristin, and Bob, thank you for hard work and dedication to APCO.


Kinda a Big Deal Award Employee

Charles (Chuck) W.

Chuck has been with APCO for over 4 years.  This past year, the warehouse has had some major changes to its staff and work procedures.  Change isn’t always easy, but this past month, Chuck has improved his work ethic.  He has shown initiative to work on new tasks that were not originally asked of him and kept a positive attitude while performing them.  We definitely appreciate what you’ve done this past month and hope it continues.

Chuck, thank you for hard work and dedication to APCO.


Kinda a Big Deal Award Employee

Congratulations Lorraine King!!! Kind of a Big Deal  (Kinda a Big Deal Award) Recipient for April.

This past month has been challenging for APCO and our country. When Governor Mike Dewine passed his Stay at Home executive order and APCO was forced to reduce its staff to only a handful of people, Lorraine was quickly called back to work. Her already caring, nurturing, maternal traits were on display but when our staff was called into battle her role was immediately deemed essential to the daily operations of the company. Lorraine calls customers for payments, cuts checks to our vendors, helps the CSRs with AS400 process, updates daily flash reports to the Board of Directors, single-handedly runs point on the dispersion of cleaning solutions, Lysol, hand sanitizers and protective gear, office cleaning and has given extra care to keep every square inch of Apco sterilized and disinfected….and so much more.

Lorraine, this isn’t just a thank you for this past month, but your commitment and dedication to Apco for 20 years!!!!  We love ya Rachel😊!


Kinda a Big Deal Award Employee

Dave Shultz is Kind of a Big Deal People!!!! Kinda a Big Deal Award I said!

Dave just passed his two year anniversary with APCO. Even through this pandemic, Dave has had a solid sales performance this year. The grasshopper has become the Master. Dave’s ability to develop a relationship with each of his customers has made him a leader amongst the sales team in sales, customer recommendations, and closing ratios. Dave’s knowledge of having installed himself has made for exemplary paperwork as well. His detailed notes are crucial to creating easier take-offs and the ordering of materials accurately. He also takes the time to visit his active job sites and maintains communication and his relationship with the customer throughout the installation process.
Dave, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to APCO and our customers.


Kind of a Big Deal Employee

Congratulations to Steve Kinison,
What can we say? Thank you, Steve, for your years of service and commitment to professionalism while working at APCO. Sixteen years without ever having an unhappy or unsatisfied customer. That is Zero complaints people! Fourteen year Super Service Award winner, otherwise known as the “Kinison trophy!” He is a 5-star award winner. He has countless certifications from different manufacturers with an expert level obtained in service and installation. He is punctual, works late, works weekends, passes his knowledge along to the next generation all for the benefit and well-being of APCO. He is always looking dapper in his APCO apparel heck he even sleeps in APCO pajamas we’ve heard. He has founded, managed, coached designed uniforms, and played at a high level for the APCO Home Pros professional softball team. He adopts stray dogs, reads romance novels, loves long walks on the beach, was once a hand model in New York, and has declared he is running to be Mayor of Whitehall next Fall. He really is Kind of a Big Deal!


Kinda a Big Deal Award Employee

Greg is APCO’s Kind of a Big Deal (Kinda a Big Deal Award )Award winner for July. Greg has quietly earned this award by displaying talents in many disciplines. Obviously, he is a man of great stature and has mastered the real estate game by owning valuable office space at the end of the APCO hallway. The silent, H.R. ninja with a corner office with a window and a Columbus skyline view. He is multilingual: English, Korean, and SILENCE!…. He’s a man of few words, but he doesn’t need to talk to make his presence known. Just his steely eyes peering over his monitor says enough. Greg consistently takes care of our changing technology needs. He’s an I.T. wiz. He has assured no disruptions in our payroll timeliness. He fills in seamlessly in other’s absences. He is our administrator of all of our insurance needs, all while performing his daily H.R. responsibilities. All of Greg’s duties have been performed with excellence during these challenging times. Yet Greg trudged his way down the long hallway each day to his deluxe apartment in the sky. Only being seen by us if he wants us to see him. We salute the Peter Parker of H.R. You are a BIG DEAL!


Kind of a Big Deal Employee

APCO’s Kind of a Big Deal (KBD) Award winner for August is Rob!  Rob is a valued member of our service team at APCO. He is very diversified in his skillset and job duties. Rob has installed vinyl windows, vinyl siding, James Hardie, gutters, entry doors, roofing, and Marvin Products. His years of installing and his furthered education and certifications in several product lines have also given him the knowledge on how to service these many products proficiently. He has performed hundreds upon hundreds of services and received so many positive reviews it has helped ALL of APCO with our excellent reputation. He is clean-cut, well-spoken, has a questionable haircut, is always positive, and brings a smile to everyone’s face around him. According to Rob, ”the grasshopper has surpassed the masters.” He is a five-star employee again and again and wears it proudly. His optimistic life attitude is best displayed by his unwavering love for the Cleveland Browns.  He aspires to be a social media influencer. His selfies are legendary on Instagram, and his mid-day videos have gone viral on TIK TOK.. He was a valued member of the APCO Pros softball team (luckily, we diagnosed cataracts and walleye vision soon enough to save everyone the pain of another softball season of swinging strikeouts). Thanks, Rob, for all of your efforts, and we wish you well on your Month of Glory! You are Kind of a Big Deal!!!!


Kind of a Big Deal Employee

apco employee smilng while holding certificate in septeber

Congratulations, Austin Sanders, on being the September Kind of a Big Deal (KBD) award winner. Austin “Urban Cowboy” Sanders is an integral part and excellent addition to APCO’s Exterior Living division. He was brought on as Mike C’s PA 😊 and chose not to settle with a personal assistant title. So he asked himself, did the Americans stop when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO! So Austin pulled on his cowboy boots, put on his gym shorts, and decided to take on many other job responsibilities. Austin now shares in CSR duties, pulls permits, sells, and is currently producing jobs and managing crews. He has the “CAN DO” attitude that APCO desires. He is always positive and has an infectious smile. Austin is college-educated and was a college athlete. He proudly says he has the photogenic memory of Rainman.  He has such a relationship with homeowners he calls them by their middle names. He loves softball and has recently been promoted to second base coach on his team. He really does care about all parts of the job and is always worried about what the homeowner may be thinking at any phase of the job. Thank You, Austin. You are truly Kind of a Big Deal now. Welcome to the club and all of its privileges!


Kind of a Big Deal Employee

Congratulations to Jay Holbrook and his crew. Jay is the first subcontractor to be given the prestigious KIND OF A BIG DEAL award. Jay has been at the top of the list for a while now and once the field opened up to subcontractors Jay is a first ballot winner. He consistently does top level work. He takes time and communicates with each customer and cultivates a relationship that lasts through the years. He has won the 5-star award every year it has existed. He has the highest GPA of all subs on the customer satisfaction surveys. He accepts jobs willingly and embraces the challenges that come with being good. (When you are good you get hard jobs!)
He assesses jobs in their early stages and forecasts potential hiccups and material shortages and has the experience and foresight needed to solve problems and communicate with the production manager to finish the project. I can say it is a sign of respect by the sales team when a common phrase repeatedly written on contracts reads, “this is a difficult job and the customer is very picky… you should send Jay on this one!” We definitely are proud he is on our team.

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