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Condensation Resistance

During the process of choosing a new or replacement window for your Columbus home you’ll likely consider things like style, materials, color, and even more. These are all very important, since you of course want a window you actually like looking at! But at the same time you should never ignore the security and efficiency your window can provide for your home through condensation resistance, and on these fronts as well as the rest, you can count on APCO as your guide to ideal windows!

Our team has been proudly serving Franklin county clients since 1962, offering ideal home services that include windows, doors, siding, and even more. We’re industry experts in offering the best in quality and reliable products, and backed by our extensive knowledge we can guarantee you’ll get a window that protects your home and looks gorgeous doing it.

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Condensation Resistance Features

The term condensation refers to water that collects on cool or cold surfaces in the presence of moisture and heat. If you’ve ever kicked the heat on in your car on a rainy fall night, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

While little can be done to prevent condensation on the exterior of your windows, a lot can (and should) be done for the interior and between panes on your windows. This protection is achieved in a few ways, including:

  • Inert gas between panes. Double and triple-paned windows are already quite condensation resistant due to the filling of argon or other inert gasses between the panes. This additional barrier offers excellent energy-efficiency benefits and prevents the cold/hot clash that creates condensation.
  • Insulated frames. Following a similar principle to the inert gas in a double pane, insulating the frame adds a barrier against indoor and outdoor air, reducing condensation formation between the panes of glass.
  • Window spacers. Using a U-shape design spacers between panes lessen contact and reduce the free flow of air, helping lessen condensation issues.

Condensation ratings are listed on a scale of 0-100, similarly to other energy and protection ratings. What rating suits your needs best will depend a bit, but overall you want the rating to be as high as possible while still sitting comfortably in your budget range. This will ensure that your windows last longer, avoid problems that lead to costly repairs, and will preserve their appearance, preventing ugly condensation and “milky” glass.

The Connection Between Low-E Glass &  Condensation Resistance

Low emissivity glass coatings are used in lots of modern energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR® rated windows. However these coatings do negatively impact condensation ratings, since the coating actually creates a situation where glass isn’t warmed naturally, creating sharp differences in temperature that can cause condensation. In order to find the right balance be sure to ask your trusted window experts about what works best for your home and needs!

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