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new siding installation and replacement in columbus ohio from apco

Replacing the siding on your Columbus home is one of the easiest ways to give your house a face-lift and enhance the exterior aesthetics. The siding of your home is responsible for more than just good looks. Excellent siding can improve aesthetic appeal, of course, but it also protects your home from weather and wind. It can even, in fact, improve the energy efficiency of your Columbus home — a feature we can all agree to love! So when you want siding services for your home, you don’t want just any product or solution. You want the best. And that’s why you come to APCO!

Can APCO be the company that helps you with your siding needs? Absolutely! Whether you want to replace existing siding, install new siding, or have a portion repaired*, APCO can help. Our experienced staff is ready to walk you through the siding selection process to choose the best product and color for your home. Our team will then quickly and professionally install your new siding and make your home the talk of the neighborhood! We can also install siding for new construction projects!

Ready to get started with APCO’s siding installation services? Maybe you’re interested in shake siding? Simply call us at the number at the top of this page, or contact us online, to get the conversation started.

*APCO repairs siding we originally installed. Whether it’s due to your weed wacker or a grill a little too close to your home, we can repair it. Please give us a call to make an appointment with our service department.

Siding Installation & Replacement Service Company in Columbus

new siding installation and replacement services from apco in columbus ohio

There are nearly limitless options when it comes to siding. Vinyl, fiber cement, and even wood are all excellent candidates. But how do you choose? First, you want a gorgeous siding. One that suits your home’s aesthetics and can bring you a look you’ll love for years to come. But your siding needs to be more than just a pretty face. It has to be strong, reliable, and capable of protecting your home from everything nature can throw at it.

When you choose APCO for your siding solutions, our top-class siding specialists will speak with you in person and help you choose the perfect product to suit you and your home’s needs. We’ll walk you through all the ups and downs of each material type, helping you make a decision you can be proud of.

Is it time to replace your siding?

Choosing to replace your siding can be a challenging decision. But a timely replacement can save you tons of time, money, and stress, which is why our experts suggest replacing when:

  • There are cracks and dents present on your siding
  • There is a presence of mold or signs of rot on your siding
  • Your siding is becoming discolored or fading
  • Your siding needs too much maintenance to maintain
  • You want to improve the resale value of your home

When it’s time to replace, you can count on the experts at APCO to bring you the superior solutions and knowledge you need to maximize your home’s defense and get the gorgeous siding you deserve!

Are you searching for “siding repair Columbus, OH”? It may be time for replacement! For siding replacement and installation in the Columbus area, call us at 614-254-5489, or contact us online, to get the conversation started.

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Types of Siding We Install in Columbus, OH

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a great option if you’re looking to replace your home’s siding with an equally beautiful and easy-to-maintain exterior. APCO siding comes in 20 colors and is maintenance-free — that means no more painting new coats, no sagging, no denting, and even no cracking. We install two leading brands of vinyl siding in our projects:

RMC Siding

We are proud to distribute and install RMC siding. Manufactured in Fremont Ohio, RMC siding offers substantially lower prices while maintaining the quality and performance our customers have come to expect.

Exterior Portfolio Insulated Siding

Manufactured right here in Columbus, Ohio, Exterior Portfolio is known for its Craneboard siding. APCO has the Craneboard line on display and many colors in stock for your convenience. Visualize the home of your dreams with the Exterior Portfolio Dream Designer by Crane.

James Hardie Siding Products

In addition to top-of-the-line vinyl siding products, APCO also installs HardiePlank fiber cement siding. This line provides a highly durable product (designed to last for up to 50 years against cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites, and other possible problems) that is up to 5 times thicker than vinyl. HardiePlank lap siding comes in a variety of looks and textures, all of which are engineered for climate. It performs well in all conditions and comes with a 30-year, non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

siding replacement and repair in columbus ohio

Contact APCO to schedule an appointment for siding installation throughout the Columbus, Ohio, area! 

premium siding installation in columbus ohio from apco

APCO’s Lap Logic Siding Technique

As a leader in our industry, APCO is always looking for great new ways to provide the best solutions and perfect products possible. Your home should look and feel gorgeous, and every aspect of it should function at its best! That’s why our experts utilize a technique called Lap Logic when we perform our siding installation.

Our Lap Logic siding installation process strives to better hide siding seams on your home, making your siding virtually seamless, beautiful, and overall far more effective. We do this by making careful adjustments to siding overlaps and lays, and the end result is something you can be happy to call your own.

Why Choose a Professional Siding Contractor for Your Siding Needs in Columbus, Ohio?

Choosing a siding supplier is about more than just outsourcing the work. We carry decades of combined experience, an extensive knowledge base on modern siding materials and which suit your needs best, and most importantly, we guarantee the job gets done right!

You choose a professional for surety. You want the assurance that you’re getting the best solution, the best service, and siding that will do you and your home proud.

APCO has been a company leading in home services and installation solutions for decades. Why do our clients choose us? Because we always put your needs first and foremost! When our clients work with APCO, they always have something good to say, and we will never cease to be proud of the service our team provides.

Searching for “siding installation in Columbus, OH”? When you choose APCO siding, you’ll enjoy high-quality, durable products installed by experts. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate! 


Will My Siding Show Signs That it’s Time for a Replacement?

Whether it’s made of vinyl, wood, or fiber cement, siding can show its age over time. Common signs that a replacement is necessary include cracks and dents, visible mold or signs of rotting, and progressive discoloration or fading.

How Long Does It Take to Install New Siding?

Every home is different, so the duration it takes to install siding will vary from home to home. In general, most replacements can be completed in one to two weeks. Factors that can affect this time frame include the weather, the presence of rot, or other damage to the underlying structure.

How do I Maintain the Vinyl Siding on My Home?

Vinyl siding is relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with a hose, brush, and bucket of soapy water is usually all it takes to keep it clean. You will also want to inspect once every season for signs of leaks and mold growth, as well as warping and other damage.

Does APCO Maintain Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance?

Absolutely! We protect our teams and clients at every stage of the process. Before our teams set foot on your property, you can rest assured that we are fully insured and that our team members have the proper coverage to perform their jobs.

How Does APCO Guarantee Quality?

We perform two complete inspections before completion of any siding installation or repair*. The first is performed by a project installer who will address any customer concerns and verify that each task was performed to the required specifications. Our second inspection occurs when our quality assurance supervisor inspects the workmanship of our installation teams and confirms that the materials were applied and secured correctly.

Who Is Responsible for Cleaning Up?

Throughout the construction process, our teams work carefully to keep the property as clean as possible. However, installing new siding or replacing old siding can generate a considerable amount of construction debris. We take care to remove this debris from your property so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Our dedicated team of siding professionals understands that you have plenty of questions about siding. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best siding for your home. Whether you need a full replacement or a minor repair, it’s our pleasure to help.

Choosing APCO for Your Siding Replacement in the Columbus, Ohio Area

The APCO company was founded over 50 years ago and has been a leading siding company and exterior contractor in the Columbus area ever since. We offer premier siding replacement and installation services for any size or type of home. With decades of siding installation experience, APCO siding shines when it comes to the finer details of each project. Over the years, APCO has perfected the siding installation process down to the smallest of details. We know what separates an average job from a great-looking project that will make both APCO and our customers proud.

If you’re interested in vinyl siding installation or replacement in the Greater Columbus area, give us a call at 614-254-5489 or contact us online.

APCO offers high-quality vinyl siding installation and replacement throughout the following cities and their surrounding areas: Bexley, Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Lewis Center, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, and Westerville. With APCO, you’ll never have to ask, “Where can I find siding replacement and installation near me?” again!

Member of the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI)

VSI is a trade association for manufacturers of vinyl and other polymeric siding. The purpose of VSI is to further the development and growth of the vinyl siding industry. APCO is the only local name brand listed on the VSI-certified products directory that installs for homeowners.

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