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Soffit & Fascia Siding in Columbus, Ohio

siding in columbus, oh

Together, soffits and fascia perform several crucial functions and create a finished appearance to your siding, roof, and gutter area—but they’re more than just minor details. Stand in front of (or on one side of) your home and look up. If the area looks neat with clean lines and no decay, you have well-installed soffits and fascia. Located near the eaves of your Columbus home’s roof, fascia and soffits are siding elements made from wood, aluminum, fiber cement, or vinyl/PVC. Vinyl is often preferred for its long-term sturdiness and ease of maintenance. Products made of recycled material are also available for an environmentally sound project. No matter the materials you choose, professional siding installation isn’t complete without soffit and fascia installation.

At APCO, we offer this style of siding in a variety of materials from different manufacturers, including APCO vinyl siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding. Our experienced staff is ready to walk you through the siding selection process to choose the best product and color for your home. Our team will then quickly and professionally install your new siding and make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

Ready to get started with APCO’s siding installation services? Simply call us at 614-254-5489, or contact us online, to learn more about your different options and how APCO can make the installation process simple and efficient.


The fascia is the flat border trim that is wrapped around the edge of your roof, right under your rooftop, capping/covering the ends of the rafters. Soffits are installed below the roof overhang, beneath the rafter tails/ends. Soffits form a ceiling that runs between the siding of the home and the roof line. Soffits are horizontal (parallel to the ground), while fascia are vertical and perpendicular. These trim pieces meet to cover the rafter area, and essentially make up the eaves of your home. These architectural components create clean lines that add to the well-maintained appearance of your Columbus, OH home and provide many other benefits.


Soffit and fascia installation offers your home important benefits such as:

siding in columbus, oh

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Added visual interest – you can choose smooth or beaded soffits, with a woodgrain appearance if you like
  • A neat, finished look to your rafters and your home
  • Directed airflow through the roofing structure, providing ventilation to avoid moisture damage such as mold or rotting wood
  • Enhanced protection to your home’s exterior, keeping out squirrels, birds, bats, and other small animals
  • Better-concealed attic vents
  • Deflected rainwater, keeping it out of your house in windy conditions

Learn even more about the benefits to soffit and fascia installation by contacting your trusted Columbus, OH window professionals at APCO. We’ll walk you through the benefits of choosing soffit and fascia siding so you have all the information needed to make the best decision for your home. Call us at 614-254-5489 or contact us online to get started today.


Our fascia replacement and soffit repair services:

  • Save you the effort of a DIY attempt
  • Help you avoid accidental falls from your ladder (this happens more often than you might think!)
  • Provide expert advice on siding materials that will work best on your Columbus home
  • Ensure work is done right, the first time – meticulous attention to detail is required for this project
  • Ensure your fascia and soffits will do their job and last a long time
  • Offer guaranteed satisfaction

Go with APCO for our 50 years of experience in home siding and our dedication to customer service. We are leading exterior contractors serving homeowners in the Greater Columbus, OH, area.

If you’re interested in siding, soffit and fascia installation or fascia replacement services in Columbus, contact APCO today. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the information you need and help you schedule your services. Give us a call at 614-254-5489 today!

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