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Homeowners in the Columbus area have entrusted APCO as their window replacement and installation company for over 50 years.

APCO installs beautiful, energy-efficient vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and wood windows throughout the Columbus area. We can also install a wide variety of window styles, making APCO the best choice for every window in your home.

Why choose APCO for window replacement services?

  • APCO was founded in 1962 and has been a leading window company in the Columbus area ever since.
  • Our window prices are less than “factory direct” in many cases.
  • More than 500 reviews and an “A” rating on Angi, earning us a Super Service Award.
  • Our Quality Assurance Pledge: We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied with your window installation project.


We offer the best window products and high-quality window installation in Columbus and neighboring communities.

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Types of Windows We Install

At APCO, we can replace a wide variety of window styles — below is a list of the most popular styles of new windows in Columbus homes:

Casement Windows

The sash of a casement window presses snugly against the window frame when closed, creating an airtight seal that prevents air entry and leakage and maximizes energy efficiency. Casement windows are also ideal for creating airflow since they act as a funnel for a breeze when open.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows combine energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use. They are air conditioner-friendly and easy to clean and give homeowners the ability to control airflow. Many homes in Columbus feature double-hung windows because of their superb ventilation capabilities.

Bay Windows

Extending outward from your home, bay windows add space to your room and channel plenty of natural light into your home. They also offer one of the best exterior views of any window style.

Bow Windows

Bow windows feature a rounded design that protrudes from your home, similar to a bay window but with a slimmer profile — an advantage for homes close to a property line or obstructions like trees or shrubs.

Garden Windows

A beautiful, multifunctional garden window provides ample sunlight for plants and flowers. Garden windows typically have a fixed top and front and two functioning side windows for cross ventilation. Many homeowners in Columbus shop for garden windows to enjoy a bit of nature indoors year-round.

Awning Windows

The crank-out design of awning windows makes them ideal for hard-to-reach places like above a sink. They’re great for creating ventilation and often come at an affordable price, making awning windows attractive to many Columbus homeowners.

Slider Windows

The advantages of slider windows include unobstructed views, ease of operations, and low maintenance. Since they have large glass surface areas, slider windows are a perfect solution for small spaces.

Geometric Windows/Architectural Windows

A custom-shaped geometric window in your Columbus home can create a dramatic, distinctive appearance. Choose from various arched, radiant, and linear shapes to add instant character to your home. Round windows, half rounds, octagon windows, and other shapes are all options.

Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows enhance the architectural design and provide finishing character to a picture window or front door. They let in additional light and are versatile enough for your home or workplace. They can even be installed as interior windows to move sunlight through your home and brighten a room.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows feature a hinge at the bottom to allow the window to tilt inward. They’re excellent space-savers, and you’ll often find hopper windows installed in basements and bathrooms.

WINDOW MATERIALS — Which Is Best for You?

When choosing replacement windows, one of the first decisions you must make is the window material. We carry and install vinyl windows, wood windows, and fiberglass windows in Columbus.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and price ranges. Advantages of vinyl windows include:

  • Affordability: Vinyl windows are among the least expensive window options — but don’t worry! Vinyl is still highly durable and won’t rust or corrode over the years.
  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl windows don’t need to be painted, scraped, or stained, and they’re easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Energy Efficiency: Vinyl windows reduce heating and air conditioning usage for lower energy bills. APCO windows can surpass the federal government’s ENERGY STAR® specifications by more than 30%.
  • Customizable: People like options, and with vinyl windows, you have plenty of chances to customize them for your Columbus home!
  • Beauty: The sloped sills of vinyl windows offer a classic look perfect for Columbus homes!

Wood Windows

Advantages of wood windows include:

  • Insulation: Real wood window frames provide 400 times more insulation than steel window frames and 1,800 times more insulation than aluminum-frame windows — ideal for the central Ohio climate.
  • Structural Integrity: Wood uses natural cellulose and strong fibers to withstand years of weathering and deliver a longer life span.
  • Versatility: Wood window frames can be painted to match or accent your room’s décor.
  • Aesthetics: Wood windows offer a natural beauty unmatched by other materials.

Fiberglass Windows

The benefits of fiberglass windows are hard to ignore:

  • Durability: Fiberglass windows are resistant to cracks, dents, weather, and expansion — and, most importantly, they’re flexible.
  • Flexibility: Fiberglass windows are engineered to adapt to natural expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity variations.
  • Low Maintenance: Fiberglass windows offer exceptional durability, meaning less maintenance and lower repair costs.


APCO window installation technician installing a windowAPCO partners with quality window and door manufacturers — we’re proud to install the following window brands in Columbus:


Homeowner Resources

Still have questions? Remember — we are always here to talk with you directly about your window project in the Columbus area!

Call 614-254-5489 or contact us online to get the conversation started.


“My new windows and patio door are beautiful. The service from showroom to the installed product was excellent. I also feel, through shopping comparisons that I received good value for my investment.” – Susan from Columbus

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider replacing my windows?

New windows can lower your utility bills, and the modern materials available today can significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance needs as well. Replacing your windows also improves curb appeal and can increase your home’s resale value.

What kinds of windows are available?

APCO offers a variety of window types. Here are a few examples:

What kind of window glass should I choose?

The glass in your windows can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency. Windows with high-efficiency glass can drastically reduce your utility bills and improve your comfort. Double- and triple-paned windows consist of multiple panes of glass with air pockets between them to slow heat transfer.

The addition of argon or krypton gas in these pockets can reduce heat transfer even more. Alternatively, low-E is a glass coating that reflects heat instead of absorbing it in air pockets or gas additives.

What window frame material should I choose?

There are four window frame options available. Most homeowners choose vinyl because it’s affordable, efficient, and low maintenance. Fiberglass frames are a little more expensive, but they are more durable than vinyl and equally low-maintenance. Wood is a traditional, high-end frame option, but it has a higher price tag and requires regular maintenance. Finally, aluminum frames are available, but they are best suited for commercial structures.

Can you replace my windows during the winter?

Of course; we can replace your windows at any time of the year! During colder months, we mitigate heat loss in your home by sealing off rooms and opening as few windows at the same time as possible.

Do you install windows from the inside or the outside of my house?

Our installation teams work both inside and outside of your home during installation. Again, during colder parts of the year, they limit the number of open windows to keep the interior of your home comfortable as they work.

Advice on Shopping for New Windows

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Want to learn more? Contact the experts at APCO online or call (614) 254-5489 today to schedule a free, no-obligation window replacement estimate.

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