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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

Sometimes a bad window is really obvious. Broken panes, filmy glass, cracked frames—sometimes you find ones that look like they’re barely hanging in the frame. But should we really be waiting that long to replace our windows? No! There’s a lot more to modern windows than just something to look out of, and not replacing yours at the right time could be costing you a whole lot. Want to know what to look out for (and what you’re missing out on)? The crew at APCO can help.

Is it time to replace your Columbus home’s windows? Or do you need some help deciding what’s best for you? Contact APCO online or call our window service experts at 614-254-5489 today!

Why Is Timely Window Replacement Important?

Recently in our article, “Window Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Home,” we mentioned that modern windows are a whole lot more important than outdated ones. We would like to revisit that for a moment.

Modern windows can:

  • Improve energy-efficiency. Via inert gas fills, low-e glass, and sealing techniques that resist heat loss, your windows can cut down on energy costs tremendously.
  • Vastly improve comfort. For the same reasons as above, new windows, or windows in good shape, can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Protect your home. Things like wind damage and, more importantly, moisture intrusion can be kept at bay with healthy windows in place.

Beyond all of that, windows are very important for your home visually, too. It would be terrible to have your gorgeous siding or a great new roof be marred by shoddy, haunted house windows.

Signs It’s Time for Columbus Window Replacement

Aside from the obvious things we mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are a few slightly less obvious signs to watch for. But don’t worry, as long as you know what to look for. it’s not actually that hard to spot them:

  • Condensation between panes or filmy glass. Moisture should never get between the panes of a healthy window. Milkiness and water droplets tell you that the seal between the panes has been damaged, which warrants a repair or replacement service.
  • Drafts near windows. It doesn’t need to be a gale-force frigid blast to be a draft, so be sure you really pay attention to the temperature around your windows. Is it noticeably cooler near the window? If yes, then it might be time to replace!
  • Signs of water damage around the frame. Keep an eye out for dark or damp patches around your window, and make sure there’s no mold or mildew growth nearby. Moisture intrusion is a common sign of small air leaks or tiny cracks you might otherwise be missing.
  • Loud noises. In addition to energy benefits, modern windows can also help with noise cancellation. If you start hearing every car, sneeze, or footstep that happens outside of your home, the seals are very possibly damaged.
  • The window sticks and is hard to operate. Have to struggle to open or close your window? This usually happens when the tracks begin to wear or when the window is swelling when it shouldn’t be. Before you call in for a professional service, give the frame a good cleaning. You might luck out and fix the issue if it was just caused by dust and grit.

Contact APCO online today if you’re ready to replace the windows in your Columbus home! You can also call us at 614-254-5489 to talk to one of our window specialists. 

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