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GAF Roofing Suppliers in Columbus, Ohio

GAF stands today as North America’s leading authority in roofing materials and supply. For well over a century they have lead the market in reliability, innovation, and affordability—striving endlessly to provide consumers with the absolute best in products and service. GAF is built upon the philosophy of both quality and expertise, blending these two qualities in order to achieve ideal roofing solutions.

For the experts at APCO, choosing to work with GAF products is one of the easiest decisions we could make. GAF products are dependable, reliable, affordable, and of the absolute highest quality possible. The APCO team is dedicated to bringing you the best—and we do exactly that by choosing to install and service GAF products!

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Why Choose GAF for Your Roof

GAF Roofing is one of the most qualified providers of roofing supplies in the United States, which is why we choose to offer their products to provide the best care for your home. GAF is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing products. Their goals align with ours; they make the widest variety of, while still being the safest, roofing choices so that we at APCO can then provide you with the best choices for your home.

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APCO Prioritizes High Quality in GAF Supplies

GAF roofing products are consistently ranked as the best in the industry and are known as being innovative, energy-conscious, and recommended by their female customers. We believe that offering GAF products to our clients in the Columbus, OH provides both a quality product and a great partner brand.

GAF roofs are durable, well-made, and designed to weather any storm. For example, their Timberline shingle product line has been voted the #1 selling brand and #1 in shingle quality by US Contractors and Home Builders from 2012 – 2015. Their warranties back up this assertion.

GAF Roofing Products for your Columbus Home

GAF has received a variety of awards praising their innovation, including repeated naming (2011-2014) as Innovative Product of the Year for their Asphalt Roofing Shingles. Most notably, Professional Remodeler Magazine named their Energyguard Polysio Insulated Sheathing one of the “100 Best New Products” of 2014. GAF is constantly changing to improve themselves, which is one of the reasons that we at APCO choose to carry their products.

Environmental concerns are something that we at APCO take seriously. In choosing to pair with GAF, we are choosing a sustainable supplier of roofing materials. In 2014, GAF was named the 2014 Winner of the “Manufacturer That Achieved Outstanding Performance in Green Building.” In the same year they were also awarded Category Winner by Green Wizard for “Manufacturer That Achieved Outstanding Performance in Green Building.”

Customers who are women endorse GAF’s products. From 2012 to 2015, GAF was awarded the Women’s Choice Award. Also, 9 of 10 female customers highly recommend the brand to others. We at APCO value all our customers and know that the endorsement of GAF product from women aligns with our company’s beliefs.

Our Residential GAF Products

Our decision to supply GAF products to our Columbus area customers is part of our endeavor to provide your home with the best on the market. GAF has been a company for over 125 years. During that time, they have trained over 125,000 roofing and home renovation professionals. Their products come with lifetime warranties—the best available in the industry.

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The Benefits of Choosing GAF

As a company and supplier, GAF is dedicated to innovation, superior design, and absolute dependability. But what does this all really mean for you? Why should you choose GAF?

  • GAF utilizes innovative design. GAF has never been a company to stay complacent for long. They work tirelessly and endlessly to always improve, utilizing the latest technology and technique to make better, stronger, and higher quality roofing products. In other words when you choose GAF, you can always rest assured that you’re getting the best.
  • GAF offers energy-efficient roofing. GAF’s reflective roofing materials can help you save costs in your home, deflecting thermal heat and improving overall home comfort and energy efficiency.
  • GAF provides ustainable, green roofing solutions. GAF was named “Manufacturer That Achieved Outstanding Performance in Green Building” in 2014, setting a tone for strong growth in environmentally-effective and friendly roofing manufacture and methods.
  • GAF offers versatility in roofing choice. Residential roofing solutions include huge diversity in material, cost range, appeal, color, and even in additional perks. This gives our APCO clients in Columbus the option to choose a roof that is custom-suited to your unique needs and wants!

GAF Roofing Services in Columbus, OH

Simply put, you choose GAF when you want the best. You deserve reliable, strong, and sure quality roofing for your Columbus home, and you’ll get all of that plus more when you choose GAF products.

When you’re ready to get the quality and dependability of GAF, you can count on APCO to provide! Our roofing experts carry extensive experience and specialized training in handling GAF products, so you can rest assured that you’ll get perfect products and perfect service you can count on.

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