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What Kind of Siding Should I Put on My House?

If you’re re-siding your house or building a new home, choosing the siding is an important task that depends on many factors: taste, durability, budget, house style, and more. Clearly, the specifics of your situation make all the difference in this decision. While there is no “best” type of siding, we’ll lay out the different options and the key facts for all of them.

Siding Styles

Siding makes up a huge portion of the viewable surface of your home, and that means you want a product that either complements your existing style or something that introduces a new sense of uniformity. We offer a wide array of styles to help you achieve this, including:

straight lap siding installation in columbus, oh

    • Straight lap siding. Any lap siding is designed to slightly overlap the siding panels, and straight lap is the traditional popular option for many modern homes nationwide. Straight lap typically features long, straight boards formed at a slight wedge and comes in a wide array of material types.

dutch lap siding installation and repair in columbus, oh

    • Dutch lap siding. Dutch lap vinyl siding is very similar to straight lap but with a slight bevel or curvature as opposed to the more rigid wedge of straight. Both are widely popular and suitable for most home styles.

board and batten siding in columbus, oh

    • Board & batten. The idea behind board & batten is to create a very hardy, rustic look using thicker, longer boards placed either vertically or horizontally and then lapped with smaller and thinner battens. It’s very similar in appearance to standing-seam roofing.

shake siding in columbus, oh

    • Shake & shingle siding. Though shake and shingles are most commonly thought of for roofing, shake and shingle siding are catching on quickly in popularity. Rough-hewn shakes are durable and attractive, especially in farmhouse or cottage homes, and vinyl shakes offer a neutral and attractive modern home look.

soffit fascia siding installation and repair in columbus, oh

  • Soffit & fascia. Soffit and fascia are less a specific style and more of an added function and visual design. These aspects are included on most homes to improve function, energy efficiency, and overall appearance. They can also be altered or manipulated to create a unique appearance for added interest and striking design.

Siding Material Options

It would be incorrect to outright say any material is “better” than any other. They all have advantages and benefits, and they all have a couple of shortcomings, too. That’s why options are always a plus since you can more easily match your siding installation needs with what’s available. Our Columbus experts offer a few good siding material options, including:

vinyl siding in columbus, oh

    • Vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has become an industry standard loved for its easy installation, simple maintenance needs, and considerable longevity. Many modern vinyl siding options also carry insulation benefits, helping you stay more comfortable and energy-efficient. It’s an easily manipulated product, meaning there are a lot of styles and color options to pick from.

fiber cement siding in columbus, oh

    • Fiber cement siding. Comprised of cellulose fibers and cement (or occasionally sand), fiber cement strives to provide the advantages and appeal of wood or stone siding while removing the drawbacks. And it’s very successful at doing so! That means siding that is handsome, durable, resistant to rot, and overall highly reliable.

cellular composite siding in columbus, oh

  • Cellular composite siding. Available exclusively through the manufacturer Royal, cellular composite siding is the result of marrying synthetic and natural materials in order to create something better than both. Cellular composite looks like wood, carries none of its drawbacks, and is available in a large array of styles.


Our team has happily handled nearly countless siding jobs and projects for Ohio clients. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do, or looking for some inspiration, you can check our siding portfolio out at any time. We update regularly, so you can always see something new!


It’s been over five decades since we first opened our doors and started serving Columbus home and business owners. From that day forward, we’ve always wanted to offer leading services and reliable solutions, and our passion for perfection has never dwindled. If you’re looking for leading siding services and superior products in Columbus and the surrounding area, then you’ve come to the right place!

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