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Gutter Installation & Replacement in Grove City, OH

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Grove City was founded in 1852. This means we have a lot of historical homes; some even pre-date the Civil War. Most Franklin County homes were built between 1970 and 1999, meaning your home’s gutters are likely due for replacement. The average gutter (typically made from aluminum, galvanized steel, or a combination) has a life span of 20 years, but even durable copper gutters need replacement around 50 years. If your gutters were last replaced before the year 2000, it’s definitely time to consider gutter replacement.

Some homes don’t even have gutters. These homeowners should consider gutter installation because gutters are an important part of your property protection.

Your home is probably your biggest investment. It just makes sense to protect it. Call 614-254-5489 or contact APCO today for a free gutter estimate.

Why We Need Gutters in Ohio

Gutters are a water management system for property protection. We certainly have our share of wet weather in Grove City.

Rain and melted snow flow off your roof. Over the years, the erosion washes away more and more soil until it damages your foundation. Your first clue that your foundation is “settling” will be cracked walls and chimneys or slanted flooring. Even if the soil erosion is minimal, without gutters, puddles will pool in your flower beds and kill the shrubs that serve as “windbreakers” for your home.

Gutters channel the water away from your foundation, siding, and garden beds. Rotten siding looks bad and dramatically lowers your property value. But it also serves as an open invitation to termites, ants, spiders, and other unwanted critters.

Gutters can protect you from basement flooding, too. Over time, water pooling around your house can cause basement walls to push inward and crack. Even if you don’t have dramatic flooding, the mold and mildew that will form pose health issues, especially if you have small children or elderly family members in your home.

Learn more about the advantages of customized gutters by calling 614-254-5489 or contacting APCO.

Grove City, OH Gutter Guards

Many Grove City area homeowners benefit from a GutterRX system to defend the integrity of gutters. Year-round, gutter guards protect your gutters against damage and degradation from:

  • Animals
  • Debris
  • Harsh weather
  • Leaves/twigs

APCO gutter guards come with a money-back guarantee. Call 614-254-5489 or contact us for more information about GutterRX gutter guards.

APCO is Ohio’s Leading Gutter Company

For over 50 years, our company has served Ohio residential and commercial property owners. Our superior, durable products include:

All our products feature the best materials and warranties. APCO manufactures and installs residential 5″ and commercial 6″ gutters. We can meet the needs of any renovation or new-build project. We partner with Quality Aluminum Products Inc., whose products are available in 30 colors.

Our gutters are seamless, designed to fit into your Grove City home’s aesthetic appeal and increase its aesthetic value. We calculate the ideal placement of downspouts, long gutter runs, and mounting location.

All APCO gutter installations use mitered corners for an attractive look and a leak-free gutter system. Your gutters are customized on-site to fit your home or commercial building perfectly. Most installations take one to three hours, and all work and materials are guaranteed.

* A minimum purchase is required. The discount applies to the retail list price and is not available on all products. Valid for a limited time and only for homeowner replacement customers who purchase APCO products for their residence and have them installed by APCO via the same contract. Not valid with any other offer or promotion. Repairs/handyman service, repairs to existing products including parts, and James Hardie and Mavin products excluded. Prior sales excluded. Other restrictions may apply. Loans provided by GreenSky (1797 Northeast Expressway NE Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30329) on approved credit, repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. 16.93% fixed APR, effective as of July 1st, 2014, subject to change. Interest is billed during the promotional period, but all interest is waived if the purchase amount is paid in full within 12 months. There are no required minimum monthly payments during the promotional period.
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