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2018 Entry Door Trends

Looking for new entry doors, or trying to decide on the best way to give your home exterior a facelift? The Columbus home service specialists at APCO have some things to share! With the season change and the new year getting rolling, we’re noticing and providing some interesting trends when it comes to home design. If you’re in the market for a new entry door in Columbus, you’ve got some fine choices available. Follow along to see what kinds of entry door trends 2018 is bringing our way!

Fiberglass Doors are Making a Strong Showing

Though a custom wood door will always have a place in suburban homeowner’s hearts, fiberglass is more and more becoming the top pick for many. Mainly this is because you can have a fiberglass door that looks like wood. Or it can look like metal, or more custom or unusual materials or design types. And after aesthetics are handled, you’re left with a door that outlasts a wood door, outperforms it, and tends to deal with the weather we see in the Columbus area far better, as well.

Metal Doors are Back in Fashion

For a long time, homeowners, and even business owners, struggled with the idea of a metal door anywhere but on an outbuilding. But with modern aesthetic advances, like embossing and custom metal door fabrication, you can get a metal door that looks awesome, makes a statement, and provides you with the utmost in home security. It’s a win-win-win across the board, and many homeowners in Ohio are taking notice.

Bolder Colors are Cropping Up a Lot

The home is rarely ever looked at like it’s a “standardized” thing anymore. The whole cookie-cutter look that came about in the 70s has long since passed, and now homeowners are looking to really inject personality and definition into every aspect of a home’s exterior. To do this in 2018 many are looking at brighter, bolder colors. Matching them effectively to look good can be a bit challenging, but with the use of softer two-tone setups or colors that compliment your siding you can wind up with something that looks really unique and cool.

Energy-Efficiency is Bigger Than Ever

Outside of aesthetics, energy-efficiency gets bigger and more present in homeowner’s minds each and every passing year. It’s no longer enough to have a door that can stand up to sun, rain, and ingress—we want doors that help us stay comfortable and energy-conscious, too. And luckily, technology has been keeping pace. ENERGY STAR® rated doors are extremely popular, and with their superb efficiency ratings and slew of additional home benefits it’s no wonder.

Superior Entry Door Services in Columbus, OH

Looking to add value, visual appeal, or efficiency to your home this year? The home service experts at APCO are ready to help! We’ve been offering top-class products and services to Columbus homeowners for decades, and we have the skill and expertise needed to match your entry door needs flawlessly. Get in touch with us online to set up a consultation or talk with a door expert today by dialing 614-254-5489!

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