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6 Exterior Home Improvements That Can Improve Your Home’s Value

When looking to up the value of your Columbus home, there are a lot of factors that can come into play. There are tons upon tons of ways to improve home value, so many in fact, that it can be really hard to know where to start. And beyond finding a starting point, you have to also consider the cost of your upgrades versus the value they add to your home. Looking for a bit of guidance? If so, you can count on APCO to have you covered.

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A Quick Examination on Cost vs. Value

Keep in mind that assuming you’re not replacing a broken or outdated exterior fixture, you will almost never recoup the entire cost of the project. What you are actually doing in this situation is making your home more desirable, and thus more likely to sell (which is a huge deal with the current housing market). But you can get very, very close to a total recoup, and these improvements always stand out as your first step to a higher value, more appealing, and more enjoyable home.

6 Home Improvement Projects That Are Worth Your Investment

  1. Door replacements. Replacing an entry door with a brand new one boasts one of the highest cost recoups of 2016 (and numerous previous years as well). You can get 80 percent or more of you’re investment back, and a new door is going be be one of the first things a home buyer will spot. Shoddy door? They might well pass right away.
  2. Window replacements. New windows commonly recoup 70 percent or more of the initial investment, depending on the material used in the window’s construction. As an additional plus, you can pursue energy-efficient windows, which will benefit you while you reside in you’re home and then act as an excellent selling point in the future.
  3. New gutter installation. New gutters are quick and easy, and work hard to protect some of the larger investments like siding and new roofing. A new gutter installation is one of the simplest, most effective ways to optimize your home’s worth.
  4. New siding. You can recover anywhere from 60 to 70+ percent of you’re investment in new siding. But that’s not the only way it shines. Siding can be a complete facelift for your home, and a very fast and very effective means of making it an attractive option for buyers.
  5. Roof replacement. Roofing is a zero-tolerance thing when it comes to buying and selling homes. A home with a lackluster roof might as well not be listed, and any realtor will tell you the same. You need roof replacement if your roof is unmarketable or quite old. Plus, you’re getting back a huge chunk of the initial cost—between 65 and 70 percent!
  6. Patio installation. Patio installation is a bit more of a gamble than the others if you’re purely talking resale. Generally, we would recommend a patio installation for homeowners looking to sell somewhere down the line, as it will most certainly add a ton of value and even more appeal. But it is a bit of an investment. Because of this, if you don’t intend to make use of your patio for a while, you might look elsewhere for improvement projects to improve resale, starting with decking.

Top-Class Exterior Home Improvements in Columbus, Ohio with APCO

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