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How to Choose a Front Door for Your Columbus Home

Replacing your old, weathered or unattractive front door with a new one makes more sense than ever these days. Exterior home improvements, such as new front doors and windows, are the best investments you can make to improve your home’s value. Recent home improvement industry research shows that replacing a front door provides excellent ROI (return on investment), so that you quickly recoup most of, or in some cases more than, what you spend on your new door. It turns out that indoor home improvements didn’t offer nearly the upside of front door replacement.

Front Door ROI Gets Better: More New Door Benefits

If that doesn’t convince you that now is the perfect time to upgrade your Columbus home’s entry door, consider that you’ll save a significant amount on future utility bills with an energy efficient new exterior door. Not only that, when you choose an experienced door replacement contractor like APCO, replacing your front door is quick and painless, compared to the disruption interior home renovations can cause.

There are also some important intangible benefits that your new front door can bring—like the satisfaction you’ll feel each time you approach and enter your newly elegant entry. Even if you’re not selling your home soon, you’ll get a good emotional return on investment from your new front door! Your new front entry door can even solve practical home design problems, like bringing more light into a dark home entry, if you choose a windowed door or one with coordinated doorlites on each side.

Front Entry Door Replacement: Making a Wise Choice

You can maximize all the benefits of your new door by selecting one with ideal characteristics. Your door should provide security, function properly, compliment your home’s overall style and add a new focal point that improves curb appeal. There are many variables involved, which makes choosing a new door seem complicated, but with the right home improvement contractor at your side you can enjoy the process. Choosing your new entry door is a creative exercise with many practical aspects to weigh in. Key factors to consider are materials and styling:

  • Materials: Options generally fall into three categories: Fiberglass, metal (steel) and wood. Many doors combine materials to engineer around the weaknesses of any single material. Materials vary in their energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, longevity and cost. Solid, hardwood doors are most expensive and require some maintenance. Metal doors are economical and may be the most secure, installed with the correct doorframe and hardware. Denting and rust are possible over time. Fiberglass composite is popular due to affordable cost, energy efficiency, low maintenance, long warranty and the widest variety of finish and color options.
  • Style: The best investment is typically a front door that’s in keeping with your overall home style, but has a unique element making it stand out. Bright color is one way to add spark to your entry design. Choosing a door with a transom or decorative glass panels on either side is another good option for adding visual interest.

Get Expert Advice on Front Door Replacement in Columbus

Let APCO help you sort through these options and multiple additional details for your new entry door. We’ll help you choose the perfect combination of energy efficiency, strength, easy care, cost and style. Once you’ve selected the best new front door for your Columbus home, we provide quick and flawless installation for an impressive entryway that offers superior service and value. Contact APCO today!

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