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Is Composite Decking Worth the Cost?

First, there was wood for decking. Eventually, science found a way to improve the durability of natural wood and people started using pressure-treated wood to build their decks, giving them a sturdier investment. Improvements being an ongoing thing in most industries, the construction field found a way to combine wood and plastic, creating a composite wood substitute that was more durable for projects like decks in outdoor living areas. Composite decking costs more than natural wood. Is a longer-lasting construction worth this extra coat? To know if it is, we need to explore more details about what composite decking brings to the table.

Composite Wood Decking in Columbus, Ohio

The following elements need to be considered when thinking about installation composite decking.

Carbon Footprint

In order to enjoy natural wood, trees need to be cut down. In a world that is worried about air quality and running out of our natural resources, this can create a conflict within deck builders. They want the look of wood, yet they are concerned about what the ultimate price will entail.

This isn’t an issue with composite decking. For every twenty feet of decking, thirty pounds of sawdust, milk jugs, and plastic bags that would have ended up in landfills is put to good use. Using a composite material can enable you to have the look of wood and still save help the environment.


Wood is subject to all manner of hazards. Natural wood is subject to rot, insect infestation, and weather related wear and tear. Pressure-treated wood fares better. The preservatives used in its construction make it resistant to mold and insects and coating helps weather-proof it.

Composite decking, because it is naturally resistant to mold, does not rot. The construction is sturdier in that a typical deck, when installed correctly, can last for twenty-five years or longer. This is with minimal fading and very minimal maintenance.


Wood, both natural and pressure-treated, requires regular maintenance. Yearly painting, sealers, and regularly cleaning between boards is a normal part of having decks of these materials. Natural wood also needs regular treatment for mold and insects.

Composite decking still needs swept and cleaned. However, there is no yearly coating needed and color stays pure for a long period, making it unnecessary to protect from fading of color. The maintenance on a deck made of composite material is similar to that of a kitchen floor.

Aesthetic Options

Natural wood comes in a variety of grains and colors, but they are all shades of brown and it is rare that you find them mixed and matched in one project. Unpainted pressure-treated wood tends to turn grey when exposed to the elements.

Composite decking comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. It is easy to mix different colors or textures to create a piece of artwork with your deck design. The colors stay true, so the beauty will last as long as the material itself. This gives you the chance to add your own touch to your deck and truly make it shine with your personality.

Is Composite Decking the Right Solution for You?

With the durability and ease of maintenance, the extra cost of composite decking is definitely worth the investment. To see if composite decking might meet your decking needs, take a look here to find out more information and see some end results.

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