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Guide to Choosing Siding Styles & Colors for Ohio Craftsman Homes

Your home’s siding says a lot about its character and style. Not to mention, thoughtfully designed home exteriors offer better curb appeal and are more desirable to home buyers.

It’s important to select siding that complements your home’s unique design style.

Characteristics of Craftsman-Style Homes

Craftsman homes are one of the most popular home styles in Ohio. Beloved for their intricate details, Craftsman homes evoke simple charm through natural materials.

Several characteristics make Craftsman-style homes unique from other home types, including:

  • Covered front porches: Craftsman homes are known for their covered front porches and cozy outdoor living areas.
  • Tapered columns: A traditional Craftsman home will usually feature columns that are wide at the base and narrower at the top.
  • Detailed rafter tails: Equal parts form and function, the exposed rafter tails provide roof support and elegant detail to the home.
  • Single dormers: Craftsman-style homes almost always have a large dormer with a single window to add depth and detail to the roofline.

Siding Styles for Craftsman Homes

When choosing siding best suited for Craftsman-style homes, texture is everything. As such, these homes will often use a variety of siding styles and textures to create a unique aesthetic.

Commonly used siding styles for craftsman homes include:

Consider mixing board and batten or shake siding with straight lap or Dutch lap siding to add more depth and interest.

Siding Colors for Craftsman Homes

Traditionally, Craftsman homes are earthy, muted tones. Siding is typically brown or green; however, choosing nontraditional colors can give your home a unique aesthetic.

The most important thing to consider when selecting your siding color is to ensure ample contrast between the trim and siding.

Some examples of siding and trim color combinations that work well on Craftsman-style homes include:

  • Black and natural wood tones
  • Dark gray and white
  • Cream and white
  • Light blue and warm wood tones

Virtually any color combination can work well on a Craftsman-style home. Ultimately, the color palette is up to personal preference.

Make Your Craftsman-Style Home Stand Out!

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