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Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Doors

When you’re talking about new door installations, it’s pretty likely that two materials in particular have caught your eye: vinyl and fiberglass. They’re the industry’s current go-to favorites for quality and reliability, and tend to fit well in nearly any application. But what’s the difference between these two synthetic materials? Which is better? Today the team at APCO wants to tackle these questions and help you decide which is best for you!

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Defining What “Better” Means

We would like to first off clarify what we mean by “better.” It’s not really about choosing which is objectively better, because honestly, you kind of can’t with these. If a client came to us wanting a vinyl door, we’d say they were making a good decision. We’d say the same for fiberglass, too. Why? Because they both perform exceptionally well, and in fact they perform quite similarly.

So what better really means is which product is better for you. Which door material sports your preferred aesthetic? Which fits your budget better? Both also have some unique perks, of which you’ll want to decide between as well. So as to helping you decide, it’s more about providing as much relevant information as possible, which we’ll go about doing now.

Benefits of Vinyl & Fiberglass Doors

There are some benefits that these synthetics both display, including:

  • Top-class efficiency benefits. Both vinyl and fiberglass doors in Ohio will offer your home an airtight seal against thermal intrusion, and will even resist heat transfer. That means more energy savings, which is always a boon.
  • Aesthetic versatility. Both door types can be made to look like nearly anything. Make them look like wood, like steel, or even have them look totally unique. They also come in a wide array of colors as well.
  • Immunities and resistances. Unlike wood doors neither of these will rot or support the growth of mold, making them longer-lived and more durable overall. Neither of these doors dent either, sporting very high impact resistance.
  • Minimal maintenance. A bit of dusting or wiping down is all that is required from either of these. That makes them much less frustrating than wood, and still a bit simpler than a steel door, too.

Traits Unique to Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is a type of reinforced plastic that uses glass fiber for added strength. The unique blend of materials makes them both lightweight and highly durable, as well as exceptionally long-lived.

Fiberglass doors boast a longer lifespan than vinyl doors overall, and tend to be just a wee bit beefier when it comes to taking a beating. They do, however, also come with a higher price tag for the bells and whistles, which is worth consideration.

Traits Unique to Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors have come a long way from the laughable variants of decades past. Modern vinyl doors are made of resin polyvinyl chloride and have made huge advancements in visual appeal, quality, and durability.

Vinyl doors are the most cost-effective entry door choice, boasting excellent stats for a door of the prices available. With the higher strength and lower maintenance when compared to wood, but with similar prices, you overall get a better material that won’t break the bank!

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