The Effects of Fall & Winter on Your Gutters

Each fall and winter, your gutters work overtime to redirect rainwater and melting snow and ice away from your roof, siding, and foundation. Gutter clogs from leaves and twigs can cause significant, costly damage, like water leaking through your roof or pools of ice forming around the base of your home, which will soak into your foundation as it melts.

The best way to prevent these damages is to identify the hazards and prepare your gutters before the cold weather sets in.

Seasonal Threats to Your Gutters

Gutters work wonders when they’re able to keep water moving off your roof and into drainage areas, but they face a few challenges throughout the fall and winter seasons:

Leaf Buildup

When leaves and twigs pile up in your gutters, precipitation can overflow and drip down your siding, or it could linger too long near your shingles and soak into your roof. The buildup might also attract more bugs and critters to your gutters, leaving your home at risk of infestations.

Ice Dams

Ice dams often occur when gutters are clogged with leaves and twigs and the temperatures have dropped below freezing.

Rain and sleet flow over the blockage, freezing and expanding it until it creates a small dam that prevents water from flowing off the edge of your roofing shingles, weighing down your gutters significantly. Over time, they will sag or crack under the weight.

Snow Buildup

When an ice dam forms, any new snow gets stuck on your roof as it melts because it can’t flow past the ice dam in your gutters. This increases the probability of water leaking into your roof in multiple areas.

How To Prepare Your Gutters for Fall & Winter

Preparing your gutters to face the elements can help prevent expensive damage. Here are four ways you can do just that:

  • Clean your gutters: Use a gloved hand or garden trowel to remove the leaves and dirt accumulated in your gutters.
  • Inspect your gutters and downspouts: Check to ensure the fasteners that attach your gutters to your home aren’t loose. Then, tap on your downspouts and listen for dampened sounds indicating a clog.
  • Install gutter guards: You can avoid the hassle of clearing debris out of your gutters in the future with gutter guards. APCO installs and recommends GutterRx gutter guards, which have unique, perforated ridges that allow plant matter to blow away in the next breeze.
  • Trim branches: Branches shouldn’t hang over your roof. Trim them to reduce how much debris can fall into your gutters.

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