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4 Ways To Increase Your Home Value

Are you looking for ways to improve your home? As you consider what projects to prioritize, it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

  • What improvements will enhance your quality of life?
  • What will help you save energy and money in the long run?
  • What will add home value so you can sell higher when you move?

Plenty of home improvements might fulfill your wishes, depending on your family’s needs and the age and condition of your home.

The following four projects are particularly good at enhancing your quality of life, saving energy, and increasing home value. Take a look at each one to understand how they can benefit you.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Who doesn’t want to reduce their energy usage with today’s ever-rising utility rates? Installing new windows with the ENERGY STAR® logo means you’re investing in some of the most energy-efficient products available.

You can noticeably decrease your energy bills over time with features like:

  • Quality frame materials
  • Low-E coatings
  • Warm edge spacers
  • Gas infill

Investing in new energy-efficient windows will pay for itself over time. New windows also pay dividends if you’re moving soon.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, ENERGY STAR windows are the most wanted green feature in a new home, with more than 80% of homebuyers considering them desirable or essential. Because of this, you’re likely to recoup over 65% of the window replacement cost when you sell.

Replace Aging Siding

If your home’s siding is old and damaged, you should replace it — not just for aesthetic reasons, but to improve heating and cooling efficiency and protect your home’s exterior. The average return on investment for new fiber cement and vinyl siding is 68% and 67%, respectively.

When choosing a siding style, you have no shortage of options available. Depending on the architecture of your home and personal preferences, you might install:

Install a Steel Entry Door

Are you considering replacing your front door to make your home’s entrance more secure? This affordable upgrade provides an excellent ROI of nearly 65% when you choose a high-end material. The common consensus among homebuyers is that steel entry doors are best.

A heavy-duty steel entry door is as secure as it is beautiful. Numerous color options and attractive smooth or wood grain textures make the door warm and inviting.

Durable, rigid steel ensures no uninvited guests find their way inside, and interior insulating foam makes many steel entry doors eligible for the ENERGY STAR rating.

Build a Deck

composite deck installed by APCO

As one of the top five most wanted outdoor features among homebuyers, a backyard deck is certainly a wise investment. The addition will attract 75% of buyers who consider a deck desirable or essential, recouping 60% to 65% of the installation cost, depending on whether you install wood, pressure-treated, or composite decking.

Of course, a deck can improve outdoor living if you choose not to move. After all, installing a deck gives you an outdoor space to:

  • Host barbecues
  • Dine alfresco
  • Practice yoga
  • Read and relax

The improved quality of life makes building a deck an excellent home improvement!

Increase Your Home Value With Help From APCO

Deciding what home improvement projects to pursue is one thing — finding a reputable contractor to complete them to your standards is another thing entirely.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best — team up with APCO for a job well done and your satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re looking for peace of mind before your project begins, we offer excellent warranty coverage for all the project types we’ve discussed. Check out our:

To request a free window, siding, door, or deck installation estimate in Columbus, OH, contact APCO online or call 614-254-5489.

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