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What’s the Difference Between New Glass & a New Window?

When you’ve got a problem with your home’s windows, what’s the first solution that comes to mind? You probably think about replacing them. After all, if you’ve got something that’s simply not doing its job, replacing it just makes sense, right? Well, maybe so. But our experts might have another opinion. What you might think requires a full window replacement might only need new glass to provide the solution you need.

At APCO, we’re big fans of bringing you the best solutions possible for your home. This means we bring the best in skill and service. Our ability to satisfy your needs is key, so we make sure we’re on top of our game for each and every project. But sometimes bringing you solutions simply means providing relevant information and our expert opinion, and you’re as welcome to that as you are our services!

New Glass vs. a New Window

The difference is essentially what it sounds like. New glass is specifically referring to the panes of glass present in your windows, though it can also include seals and other non-glass bits that are directly married to a new pane.

A new window, on the other hand, is a total replacement of the entire structure that makes up what we call a window. This means new frames, new glass (though in some very rare cases glass can be preserved), new components—pretty much everything.

As you might expect, a window replacement is a much more expensive and involved process, which means you kind of want to avoid it unless it’s necessary. So what situations would require a full window replacement, and in which situations would new glass be just fine? Let’s go over that next, shall we?

When Is New Glass the Best Option?

Thankfully, most of the time. Many common window problems have to do with the pane itself or the seals used to house them and ward off air leaks. New glass is a good choice for:

  • Damage that only involves the glass. Cracks, fractures, breaks, holes made by rogue golf balls— pretty much any of these are a new glass sort of situation. Unless that golf ball managed to demolish your frame somehow.
  • Milky or cloudy windows. This is a common problem for insulated glass units (IGUs) like double and triple-pane windows. The problem here, most likely, is that the seals between panes have worn out, allowing moisture into the space between. Normally these spaces are filled with argon or another inert gas for added insulation (that’s why these window types are so energy-efficient).
  • Air bleed. Notice some drafts coming from your window? The problem is probably shrinkage or gaps created in your window frame. This is usually best fixed by new glass, or, if the problem is small enough, a bit of caulk for a thrifty quick fix.

When Should I Seek Window Replacement?

So what problems require a total window replacement?

  • Frame rot. Wood windows, particularly antique or older ones, are susceptible to the same as anything made of wood. Rot, mold, and wear over time are real concerns and there will come a time when replacing is simply the best choice.
  • Severe structural damage. Bending, breaking, and damage to the wall around your frame is going to require a replacement. A painful pill to swallow, sure, but it’s better than killing your home’s efficiency.
  • When seeking greater efficiency. New windows are more energy-efficient. That’s just a fact. However, keep in mind that recouping the investment for new windows solely on the account of replacing for efficiency will take quite a number of years. If you plan on staying in your home for five, ten years, this is a good call. But if your time in your current home is limited, it might not be the best choice.

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