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What’s the Difference Between New Windows & Replacement Windows?

Once a homeowner has determined that they need replacement windows, they are faced with yet another decision: What is the difference between whole new windows and replacement windows? We at APCO understand that navigating the terminology of an industry that you’re somewhat unfamiliar with can be a pain—that’s why we’re here to help!

What Are New Windows?

New windows are also commonly called new construction windows, or full-frame replacement windows. It’s the third term amongst these that will give you the best clue. New construction windows are designed to be installed when the studs in your walls are exposed. Most commonly, a home service contractor will use new windows during the construction of a new home, for a remodel, or when simpler options are not available for replacing damaged or outdated windows.

Since new construction windows are designed to be installed directly onto the frame of your home, they require access to the studs, meaning new construction windows aren’t typically practical or suitable for most window replacement projects unless:

  • Your window frame is damaged
  • You are replacing your siding at the same time that you are replacing your windows
  • You are planning a home addition project that will require windows

What Are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows—also commonly called retrofit windows or insert windows—are overall far simpler than a whole new window. These setups aim to replace only the window itself (the glass, muntins, sash, and more) while leaving the framing components alone.

Replacement windows are manufactured specifically to fit your window measurements as ordered by you or your contractor. Since only select parts are being replaced, and the frame is being left alone, contractors don’t have to expose your walls or tear up your home.

The Benefits of Replacement Windows

While there are certainly some situations where new construction windows are the better option, most window replacements are carried out using retrofit windows. This is because:

  • Replacement windows are more cost-effective in most cases. Replacement windows are generally cheaper in regards to needed materials and labor costs, and you save on having to hire contractors that can expose your wall studs.
  • Replacement windows save on time and labor. Though it will take a few weeks for your retrofit windows to arrive, a Columbus window retrofit can be done in a matter of a few hours once the contractor has your product.
  • Replacement windows offer all of the same advantages of a new window. If you’re looking to boost comfort and efficiency, visual appeal, or you want to restore the windows in your home to something more in line with your needs, a retrofit window can do the job.

Replacement & New Construction Windows in Columbus, OH

When you need window replacement or new construction windows, you can count on the experienced home service experts at APCO! For over half a century, we’ve been offering award-winning service and quality products to homeowners in Columbus and Franklin County.

Schedule window replacement with APCO online today! Have a question? Just call 614-254-5489 to connect with a local window contractor now!

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