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How ProVia Energy Star Windows Can Fix Your Draftiness in Style

Uninsulated windows can raise your HVAC-related power burden by as much as 30% — far from a negligible amount. Old windows become drafty due to brittle or corroded glazing putty, while modern ones lose their seal to worn gaskets and stripping. If you’ve ever felt a draft through a closed window, you understand how significant those air leaks are. Window treatments and coverings can’t achieve much without Energy Star® windows, and ProVia is our most respected brand in that category. Their reputation is based not just on their R-value but on their eco-friendly manufacturing processes as well. Their replacement windows are blown with a non-flammable agent manufactured from recycled materials and processed in solar-powered facilities. Even their logistics are planned using responsible, green practices, so you can finally replace your windows without a guilty conscience.

How ProVia Insulates Your Home

The Energy Star program is a stringent one, so it takes true finesse to earn certification year after year. ProVia has done so by producing EPA-friendly products under the Energy Star Blue label. Their custom windows are energy efficient and robust. They’re manufactured with the best vinyl, heightening your insulation further through the famous MasterFit interior trim system.

Even glass with the highest R-value can’t bring much energy efficiency if it’s poorly fitted, so ProVia offers a range of mitered casings that rely on a powerful, nail-free locking system. The brand has a respectable range, so it’s easy to find just the right product for your priorities. Whether you’re looking for expensive products from the top of the market or economic ones from the middle, there’s a range to suit your needs.

The ecoLite range is ProVia’s answer to budget-conscious replacements, but it comes without a dip in quality. They’re covered by a 20-year warranty on seal failure, materials, and workmanship, so you’re assured of a lasting result.

Aesthetics Count

The ProVia window range achieves as much on an aesthetic level as it does on a practical one. All its products are offered in a varied color range, from light Snow Mist to exotic Mountain Berry. It includes cherry, maple, and oak, so if you’re looking for a natural finish, you won’t have to sacrifice your style needs for environmental consciousness. APCO is proud to include it in our color line. Our product offerings are all examples of superior craftsmanship, and this one is no different.

Interested in preventing drafts and adding a stylish new look to your home? Call the pros at APCO at 614-254-5489 to learn more information about ProVia windows. 

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