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ProVia Versus Therma-Tru: Which Door Is Best for Me?

ProVia and Therma-Tru are two of the finest ENERGY STAR® door ranges on the market, but which is better? The first noticeable difference is the price. ProVia’s range requires a heavy initial investment, but does that translate into better quality? We’ll evaluate the two brands on seven fronts:

  • Customization
  • Quality and warranties
  • Size range
  • Edges
  • Oven paint and stain process
  • Security
  • Door slab installations


Therma-Tru’s extensive product line and panels give it a solid foothold in the decorative glass niche. The door pro might not let you mix and match panel styles and glass options, but if you prefer a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach, they’re the brand for you. ProVia arranges its collection a little more practically by letting you choose by both product and budget. All its ranges carry the same glass options, so you can choose your aesthetic before thinking about price. Its stylistic elements are more limited, but it has size options within a mere 1/8 inches, providing a tight fit in any frame. In contrast, Therma-Tru offers a wider range of price options.

Quality and Warranties

Therma-Tru sells everything but the pre-hangers required to build the door, so distributors have the freedom to apply their own frame components, paints, and stains. ProVia builds its door systems from scratch, assuring you of the same quality regardless of where you buy your products. Both options have impressive warranties, but ProVia offers one important difference: It covers accidental glass breakage and offers transferable lifetime warranties.

Size Offerings

Both Therma-Tru and ProVia let you customize your sizes for any frame, but they amplify flexibility through niche ranges. ProVia’s Signet Collection and Therma-Tru’s Heart of the Market, Fiber-Classic, and Smooth Star Collection are best for nonstandard door sizes. When it comes to matching storm doors, ProVia is the better option.


ProVia offers low-conductivity silicone foam spacers in contrast with Therma-Tru’s conductive steel options. Reduced-conductivity spacers can raise your energy efficiency and noise resistance while simultaneously reducing condensation. This gives your home better weather and moisture resistance.

Oven Paint and Stain Process

Oven-baked paint finishes add to the life span and beauty of your home, so ProVia lets you choose between pre-paints, stain preparation techniques, and oven-cured procedures. The latter gives your door a dust-proof curing process that’s performed at the factory. The brand’s prepping techniques assure you of powerful adherence and years of successful usage. Its DuraFuse stain finishing system is applied to the Signet and Embarq ranges, which are hand-finished, UV-protected, hand-sanded, and double-cured. Therma-Tru’s oven paint and stain procedures are only offered on some of its niche ranges. Its PrismaGuard premium finish comes with a 10-year warranty and has been tested in tough environments.


If you live in a high-crime area or just want maximum protection for your home, security plates are an important inclusion that ProVia offers as a standard feature. The brand also offers ultra-thick 20-gauge steel doors, so if you’re outfitting a business, it’s an excellent option. Therma-Tru’s security plates are optional and don’t include ultra-thick options, but that isn’t necessarily a negative feature. The brand’s habit of applying features by range filters through to its prices, allowing you to choose the features you spend money on.

Door Slab Installations

When you choose the ProVia range, you choose certified, brand-trained installation. All of its frames are installed by the brand itself. Therma-Tru takes a more flexible approach by allowing third-party installation. That makes it more accessible, but it’s also muddied the market with poorly performing products.

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