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What Is Triple Pane Glass?

When considering a new window installation, you might find that there are a lot of options out there. Modern windows have come a long, long way from the single-pane squares we grew up with. And we’re not just talking about design or style. The actual number of panes has changed, first with the energy-efficient double pane (IGUs) windows, and now you can go as far as triple-paned glass. Not familiar with triple-pane windows? Let the team at APCO clue you in!

At APCO, our dedication is to always providing you the best solutions for you and your home’s needs. You want quality, dependability, and peerless function from your products and services, and we aim to provide! Wondering if triple-pane windows might be the right fit for your Columbus home? Let’s find out!

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What Is a Triple-Pane Window?

Essentially, they’re exactly what they sound like. Double-pane windows make use of two plates of glass, completely sealed and separated by an inert gas like argon. The point is that this buffer of gas between the panes acts as another layer of insulation, both against thermal bleed, and against sound pollution.

Triple pane windows simply take things a step further, adding another pane and another layer of inert gas separating the panes. This means you have three panes of glass and two layers of inert gas to add more efficiency. And as you might expect, triple-pane glass is simply a more energy-efficient and beneficial form of a double-pane.

The Benefits of Triple-Pane Windows

So what exactly does this extra layer do for you? Well, the benefits are actually pretty big:

  • Increased energy-efficiency. That extra layer of glass and gas can contribute to considerable energy savings, particularly over long periods of time.
  • Increased comfort. You’ll retain a lot more of your precious heating and cooling with the added insulation a triple-pane window provides.
  • Less noise pollution. Double and triple-pane windows both offer huge benefits in noise dampening, making your home far quieter by blocking out the hustle and bustle of the outdoors.
  • Higher resistance to condensation. Condensation between the two panes is one of the real worries of double-pane windows, as it looks ugly and can compromise the seal between panes. Triple pane windows are much more resistant to this issue.

Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth It?

The biggest concern for someone seeking a window installation is, of course, the added cost of triple-pane windows. They aren’t massively more expensive when compared to double-panes, but the difference is still considerable. So is it worth it? In a word, yes. However, it is important to keep in mind that triple-pane windows become more and more worth it the longer you live in your current home.

As an easy example, you wouldn’t want to opt for triple-pane windows if you were going to move in a year or two. You simply wouldn’t have had enough time to recoup the cost. But the story is much different, and much more in your favor, if you plan on sticking around for five, ten years.

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