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Why Are My Windows Hard to Open & Close?

A new window for your Columbus home is a wonderful thing. Crystal clear visibility, great efficiency, and barely a whisper when it glides open and closed. But if you’ve had your window for a while, you know that quiet and easy operation can go away over time. Having trouble with stuck, jammed, or hard to open windows? We’ve got a solution for you!

APCO professionals have been bringing Ohio homeowners the best in home services like window installation and gutter maintenance for years. Our team is made up of only the best and brightest, and it is the endless goal of each APCO member to ensure you get the very best for your home. Having window troubles? Because we’ve got window answers.

Why Are My Windows a Pain To Open & Close?

The root cause of your window issue can be somewhat tied to what type of window you have. A single or double-hung window, for instance, can encounter entirely different issues from a casement window.

Problems with Single & Double-Hung Windows

These windows tend to have a very simple solution. The issues is nearly always dirt, grime, and other bits of debris that have built up in your window frame. The bad news is this means some elbow grease, but the good news is that it’s fairly easy to handle on your own:

  • Carefully clear the window frame with a stiff-bristled brush
  • Clean the frame using a slightly damp cloth for wooden windows, and a gentle detergent for aluminum or vinyl
  • Use a non-silicone lubricant on the areas of the frame where it contacts the window as it moves when opening or closing. Open and close the window a few times to work the lubricant in

All good now? Good! But if not, the issue is probably a component in the window’s workings. Usually a spring may be too tight or damaged. But worry not! It’s a quick and easy fix when you work with a professional. And sliding windows share the exact same possible causes, so keep that in mind!

Casement & Awning Windows

Start easy by performing the last step you did with the single or double hung windows. A non-silicone lubricant applied to the hinges of your window may loosen things up and restore an easy operation. But honestly, that’s probably not your issue.

Dirt and dust could contribute to a sticky window in the case of a casement, sure, but it’s not likely to make opening the window all the much harder. It’s more likely due to stripped screws or damaged parts in the window. The downside here is to find the actual cause of your sticky window, it has to be disassembled somewhat.

We would strongly recommend working with professionals if you have a casement or awning window that is misbehaving. It’s too easy to make a mistake and damage the window! The professionals at APCO can help, contact us today.

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