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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Services

At APCO, we offer our customers comprehensive gutter services, including gutter repair, gutter installation, gutter replacement, gutter guards, and more. As local experts in drainage gutters for homes and businesses, our team gets many questions.

Please check out the frequently asked questions—and our expert answers about gutters:

Why Do I Need Gutters on My Home or Building?

High-quality, properly installed gutters help rainwater run off the edges of your roof and away from your home/building. As you may know, water could otherwise pool around your home, damage roofing and siding, infiltrate the basement and foundation, and more. Water not drained away from your home can rot its wood structure, attract insect infestations, and promote unhealthy, destructive mold growth as well.

What Is the Best Gutter Material?

Seamless aluminum gutters are ideal and cost-effective due to their strength, low weight, color options, and rust resistance. For those with a high-end budget, copper is very durable and lasts longest. Galvanized steel requires more maintenance and offers fewer color options. Vinyl gutters are the cheapest, but they typically don’t last as long as other options.

What Are Gutter Guards or Gutter Caps?

These gutter covers help keep your gutters from becoming clogged with debris like leaves, twigs, tree branches, and other debris falling from your roof or blown by the wind. If clogged, gutters no longer protect your home or business from rain runoff as they should.

Do I Really Need to Clean Gutters Twice Every Year?

With gutter guards or caps, you probably won’t need to clean your gutters at all. If you don’t have gutter covers or guards, you should check for gutter debris buildup twice each year, in spring and fall. Keeping gutters clean reduces the weight on them, so they stay in place, without sagging, for many years.

What Are Downspouts and How Many Will I Need?

Downspouts are vertical, enclosed gutter pipes, which carry water from the rain gutters to the ground. Downspouts end with an elbow, which directs the water safely away from your foundation.

The right number of downspouts depends on the slope of your roof and other details. In general, we add a downspout about every 6 or 10 yards, and at each end of a gutter run.

What Factors Influence the Layout of Gutter Installation?

At APCO, our team calculates the best placement of gutter runs and downspouts, and ideal gutter mounting locations. We ensure your gutters are well-supported with properly spaced, secure hangers. We build enough slope into the gutter configuration so that it directs runoff water to the downspouts and away from your home/building. In short, we sweat all the details to provide superior gutter services for rain drainage results at your home or business.

Where Can I Get the Best Gutter Services for My Home or Business?

Of course, we’re biased in saying we’re the best gutter repair in the Columbus area, but we do have solid benefits to back up that claim.

Choose APCO for residential and commercial gutters services because we offer:

  • Well-trained, experienced gutter installers and repair team, skilled at residential and commercial gutter services.
  • Quality gutter products to provide the best, and longest-lasting, water drainage and protection for your home.
  • Friendly customer service. We want to make sure you have a great experience every time you contact our team and receive gutter services.
  • Our promise to you! We stand behind our gutters with a 10-year warranty.
  • Free estimates online or at your home.

Protect your investment in your home and/or business structure with an effective gutter system. Whether you need new gutters or you simply have more questions about gutter repair and replacement, contact the APCO team today!

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