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Frequently Asked Questions About Sunroom Installation

If you’re planning on adding a sunroom to your home, you may be wondering about the processes, costs, and advantages involved. APCO’s team of home improvement professionals has the answers you seek when it comes to your sunroom construction. Peruse our frequently asked questions below to find the answers for your sunroom build before beginning the design and construction phase!

Is the glass in your sunrooms energy-efficient?

Yes! The windows at APCO are all exceptionally energy-efficient and surpass the federal government’s ENERGY STAR® recommendations by 30%.

How long will it take to build my sunroom?

The time it takes to build your sunroom largely depends on the specific type and materials you choose. Our team provides the following sunroom solutions:

  • Three-season
  • Screened porch
  • Eze-Breeze windows

Ask your construction team to get more details about the length of your project.

Where can a sunroom be placed?

A sunroom can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. It all depends on which part of your home has the best views and how you want to use the room. Our sunroom solutions are custom-tailored to your specific needs and vision.

How does the sunroom building process work?

First, you’ll contact a member of our team to discuss your sunroom vision. From there, we’ll make an expert recommendation on which of our sunroom solutions best suits your needs and will create a design plan for approval. Once the design is approved by you, we’ll begin the construction phase and deliver your new sunroom in no time. Our team is never satisfied until our customers are satisfied, so your sunroom won’t be finished until you say it is! Contact us to learn more about our sunroom design and construction process today.

What is the average cost of a sunroom?

At APCO, no two designs are exactly the same. As such, each of our projects is priced based on the custom features and materials selected. Since we are a distributor of many of the unique features and products we have to offer, we are able to provide competitive pricing on our sunroom installations. Contact our team to get a free service quote on your sunroom construction project today!

Do I need a permit to build a sunroom on my home?

Yes — a permit is required for all sunrooms and home additions, even if you’re just converting your screened or covered porch.

Is adding a sunroom worth it?

Absolutely! Adding a sunroom can increase your home’s value and provide you with a breathtaking space to spend your time throughout the year. It’s a beautiful addition to just about any home and can provide year-round comfort when paired with the right heating or cooling solutions.

How do I keep my sunroom warm in the winter?

If you plan to use your sunroom all year long, you may wish to consider installing heating or cooling systems to keep it comfortable. Especially in the winter months, there may be increased drafts due to the number of windows present in the sunroom. Consult with your APCO team to discuss the best solutions for keeping your sunroom comfortable all year long.

Choose APCO for Your Sunroom Installation

Your APCO professionals are waiting to install the sunroom of your dreams! If you weren’t able to find the answers to your questions, contact a member of our team to get the answers you seek. We’ll be happy to assist you with your sunroom design and construction project concerns.

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