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Storm Windows in Columbus, Ohio

Storm windows can help a Columbus home (and its homeowners) get through the winters comfortably and energy-efficiently, with minimal wear-and-tear to the windows and sashes underneath. At APCO, your trusted local home services company. We’re experts in windows and doors and we’re ready to help you pick the right storm windows for your home.

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The Purpose of Storm Windows

Storm windows are secondary windows that provide an extra layer between your home’s interior and the cold weather elements. Storm windows can be installed inside the main windows, but exterior models may be the most protective.

Storm Window Performance: Installation Matters

Whether you are installing new storm windows to replace some “antique” ones, or getting storm windows for the first time, we offer only the top storm window products from high quality manufacturers. Only quality installation methods, like our meticulous work, will enable your storm windows to properly protect your home. APCO makes storm window replacement effortless for our central Ohio customers—and we guarantee our work.

Adding Value to Your Home with Storm Windows

Storm windows boost property value because they cut energy waste and lower energy bills significantly. A home with lower operating costs is worth more, as is a home with intact primary windows that last as long as possible before needing to be replaced. Storm windows protect and preserve your primary windows, extending their useful life and delaying replacement costs for your main/primary windows.

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Storm Window Benefits for Columbus Homeowners

  • Winter comfort. After your storm windows are installed, you’ll notice drafts are gone and difficult-to-heat or unheated rooms stay warmer.
  • Energy savings. Storm windows insulate your existing windows and make your home more energy efficient, helping to lower utility bills up to 50%. They accomplish this by adding an insulating layer of air between your existing windows and the storm windows to limit heat transfer to/from the outdoors. Storm windows also decrease air leakage.
  • Increased safety. Storm windows discourage intruders and help protect your primary windows from wear-and-tear or storm damage.
  • Make primary windows last longer. Exterior storm windows help protect the investment you made in your primary home windows, (and they’re cheaper than your main home windows, should they need replaced).
  • Reduces window condensation: When cold air meets warm window panes from your heated home, condensation forms. Storm windows create a buffer to prevent window condensation, which otherwise can cause mold growth on window frames or sills and structural damage to your home.
  • Variety. We take measurements to determine the right size storm windows for your home and offer materials including: glass, plastic (including polycarbonate), or laminated, shatter resistant glass.
  • Extra features. Storm windows with UV-protective coatings (to reduce glare and/or prevent carpets and furniture from fading in the sunlight) and sound-dampening properties amy be available.
  • Convenience. Interior mounted storm windows are simplest to install and remove for cleaning and storage (although they can be left up all year if you choose). Exterior storm windows provide more protection.
  • Budget-friendly. APCO can recommend the right, economical storm windows to fit your budget.

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Storm Window Installation & Replacement in Columbus, OH

If storm windows are what you’re looking for, or you’re interested but looking for more information, the team at APCO is proud to provide. We have extensive experience in handling storm window services, from installation to repair, and we can guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for with us.

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