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5 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Shake off that winter chill, because spring is well on its way (and a bit early, too). While many of us are going to welcome the warmth with open arms, there are some things you should take care to attend to at your Columbus home before spring rolls all the way around. Namely, and specifically in the context of this post, we’re talking about roof maintenance!

The roofing specialists at APCO are here today to help you get started off this season on the right foot. Roof care is of critical importance and will help you keep your home safe and in good shape to take on those spring showers.

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5 Tips for Spring Roof Care

We really could make this list go on for much longer, but for your sake we’ll hit the high notes.

  1. Invest in some proper tools. First and foremost, you’re going to want the right tools for the job. Ideally you’re performing these checks on a routine basis, and having the right equipment can make a pain in the foot into a walk in the park. Namely, a sturdy and dependable ladder that is tall enough to make the trip up safely. And while you’re at it, invest in a good gutter cleaning tool. Gutters are a huge pain to keep clean, but it’s a really important job.
  2. Perform a basic inspection. Before you go anywhere, take an eye to the ground-level and check for any signs of obvious damage or disrepair. Getting professional service early into the season is best, before we’re super busy and before your damaged roof has a chance to do any serious harm to your home. Look for bent gutters, problems with your eaves, cracking, and anything that looks out of place.
  3. Clean your gutters thoroughly. Gunked gutters are essentially worthless, and yours have had all winter to accumulate all manner of nastiness and debris. Clear them carefully, and while you’re at it check to ensure they haven’t built up any rust. Small amounts can simply be removed, but serious rust will require gutter replacement. This is also the best time to install gutter guards, which can safe you a boatload of hassle this year!
  4. Go topside and check your shingles or tiles. If you feel confident in doing so, check your roof shingles and tiles for signs of cracking, buckling, or any other misshapen bits. Also note when you clean your gutters to check for excessive amounts of shingle grit, since that’s a common sign of an aging or ailing roof.
  5. Check for mold and algae growth. Look very carefully for these when you’re checking your shingles or tile. Algae is mostly just ugly and is removed for aesthetic reasons. Mold, however, can pose a risk to your roof and should be removed immediately. If you find small patches of it, a bleach/water solution can eradicate it fairly quickly.

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