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APCO Celebrates Marvin’s Continued Evolution

APCO is excited to announce changes to one of its most trusted company partners – Marvin Windows and Doors. Known for a spirit of innovation and commitment to people, Marvin Windows and Doors is evolving…

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Which Deck Material Is Best?

When considering a new deck installation in Columbus, the things on your mind are most likely “how much will my new deck cost?” or “who should I invite over for my first cookout?” But once…

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How to Choose a Front Door

Front entry doors need to be secure, durable, energy-efficient, and attractive to look at. There are nearly countless options when it comes to choosing a new door for your Columbus home, but that can be…

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What’s the Difference Between New Windows & Replacement Windows?

Once a homeowner has determined that they need replacement windows, they are faced with yet another decision: What is the difference between whole new windows and replacement windows? We at APCO understand that navigating the terminology…

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When Do I Need To Replace My Windows?

You expect your windows to look beautiful, offer ventilation, promote low energy bills, and give you a clear view outside. If your windows fail to do any of these things, it could be time to…

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Gutter Guard Comparison

You’re probably quite familiar with the benefits of installing gutter guards on your home’s roof—less cleanup, longer-lasting roof, landscape protection, etc. But when it comes to actually picking out your guards, you might come across…

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What Are the Pieces & Parts of a Window?

The average homeowner usually isn’t well-versed in window lingo, but the experts at APCO can piece together what homeowners mean when they talk about parts of a window. Still, have you ever wondered what a…

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What Is a Double-Hung Window?

If you are considering new windows for your Columbus home, you will want the right window type. Double-hung windows are one of the best choices for today’s homeowners. Efficient, easy-to-clean, and attractive, double-hung windows are…

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Why Are My Windows Rotting? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Window Rot

The windows in your home are an integral part to the overall efficiency and function of your home. When you suspect your windows have fallen victim to wood rot, you need to act quickly to…

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Stucco Damage: What You Need to Know and What You Should Do

Siding Experts Serving the Columbus, Ohio Area While some may prefer the aesthetic of a stucco home, stucco can be a significant issue for homeowners. Stucco siding is prone to a variety of common problems…

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