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Gutter Guard Comparison

You’re probably quite familiar with the benefits of installing gutter guards on your home’s roof—less cleanup, longer-lasting roof, landscape protection, etc. But when it comes to actually picking out your guards, you might come across a problem: there are a lot of options out there!

Is there a difference between types and brands? Which gutter guards are best? The roofers at APCO can provide a quick look at some of the most popular options!

LeafGuard® Gutter Guards

When you think about gutter guards, LeafGuard is probably the picture that comes to mind. A simple design and solid, non-mesh construction make for a guard that is excellent for keeping leaves and debris out and offering protection against vermin nesting. It’s worth noting, however, that LeafGuard installation requires installation alongside your gutters, making them a less-than-ideal option if you’re looking to retrofit guards on your existing gutters.

Grater Gutter Guard—G3®

G3 guards offer a simple, easy, and cost-efficient guard that is excellent for minimizing debris, blocking pests, and ensuring homeowners spend less time on ladders and more time simply enjoying the benefits of well-protected gutters. Grater Gutter Guards offer an additional and attractive perk via fascia and soffit protection, helping to maintain the health of your roof against rain, mold, and water damage. Also of note—G3 guards can be easily and quickly installed over existing gutters.

Gutter Helmet®

Using the benefits of a naturally occurring phenomenon—surface tension—gutter helmet uses a non-mesh, solid construction, “nose forward” surface to shrug off debris and allow water to flow unimpeded into your gutters. Gutter Helmet requires a gutter tune-up and realignment and occasionally requires a fresh gutter installation to accommodate the guard installation.


GutterRX uses a solid, perforated drop-in aluminum cover that provides full coverage for your gutter and actually strengthens the structural integrity of your gutter system as a whole. These gutters offer a good solution to a common problem with gutter guards: guards keep the gutters clean, but what keeps the guards clean? To address this, the design used by GutterRX is slightly ridged (it looks a bit wavy from the top) to promote self-cleaning.

Additionally, GutterRX guards are completely invisible from the ground, making them effective but unobtrusive, easily matching your home’s style.

Choose the Right Gutter Guards with APCO

Every product we’ve covered on this list is a dependable, effective remedy for your gutter troubles. But how do you pick the right one? We use these criteria: the effectiveness of the guard, the cost of installation, and the ease (or complexity) of installing the product. With these factors in mind, we choose GutterRX and G3! These products offer the most perks overall, including:

  • Can be easily installed on existing gutters
  • They both offer unique advantages (the fascia protection of the G3 and the self-cleaning of the GutterRX)
  • They’re both very cost-efficient when factoring in the initial purchase cost, the cost of installation, and the lifespan of the guards as a whole
  • All of the gutter options above offer solid warranties, but GutterRX offers the strongest via a 20-year manufacturers’ no-clog warranty

Interested in gaining the advantages of top-class guards for your Columbus, OH home? Contact APCO to find out more online!

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