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How to Choose a Front Door

Front entry doors need to be secure, durable, energy-efficient, and attractive to look at. There are nearly countless options when it comes to choosing a new door for your Columbus home, but that can be a problem all of its own, can’t it?

Feeling a little lost on how to choose a new front entry door? The home improvement experts at APCO have you covered! We’re very familiar with the complexities of choosing a door and highly adept at door replacement and installation. Follow along and we’ll have you picking out the right door in no time.

Understanding Your Front Door Options

There are literally dozens of door styles, but ultimately the style is very subjective—you’re going to pick the look that works for you, whether that’s a traditional door for your historic Ohio home or a modern door to fit in with your contemporary aesthetic.

The decisions that are harder, and the ones that ultimately matter more in terms of making a good investment, are factors like door materials and additional features. Let’s start with materials:

  • Vinyl entry doors. Vinyl doors have few to no restrictions in terms of color and style and they are both energy-efficient and durable, lasting for years even in wild weather.
  • Fiberglass entry doors. Fiberglass doors are extremely resistant to all forms of weather, tend to last longer than any other door material option, and can be made to look like virtually anything in terms of finish.
  • Steel entry doors. Steel doors are extremely sturdy and completely impervious to rot. Interestingly, they’re also quite cost-effective, making them a very smart investment.

In addition to picking the right door material, you should be sure to account for any additional features you may want. Depending on your needs, you may be more interested in adding striking visual elements or physical reinforcements. The most relevant of these include:

  • Glass within the door design. Whether or not you want to integrate glass into your front door design is optional, and you can choose many options, from a small single pane toward the top to a larger one for added natural light.
  • Additional security. Heavy-duty doors provide additional home security through reinforcement or steel cores.
  • Energy efficiency. Many modern door options include extra insulation, energy-efficient sealing techniques, and special door skirts to add more comfort and efficiency to your home.

Choose According to Your Budget

An important thing to remember when choosing a new door for your home in Ohio is that the industry is full of options. No matter what you want, whether it be a striking, unique look or an exceptionally sturdy and secure door, you can have it.

All it takes is knowing your options and your budget, and nothing will get you there better than working with a skilled, experienced door company. Experts know all of the fine details and options available and should be able to help you customize a door precisely to your liking without having you dig into your savings to get it done.

Schedule Entry Door Replacement with APCO in Columbus, OH

In need of professional guidance in replacing your front entry door? At APCO, our home improvement teams have been treating clients right for decades! We know exactly how to help you in getting the door that suits your home and needs to a tee.

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