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Why Is Water Dripping Between My Roof & Gutters?

The gutters installed at your home are responsible for keeping the roof safe, your exterior walls clear of excess moisture, and they even do a good bit more. But as a unique part of your home they can encounter some pretty unique (and often obnoxious) problems. Having trouble with water getting behind or between your gutter and roof? The home service experts at APCO of Columbus can help you figure out what’s going on.

Need gutter repair or gutter replacement services in Columbus, Ohio? Contact the specialists at APCO on the web at any time, or call 614-254-5489 to set an appointment! We can also install an extended drip edge to prevent water from dripping behind your home’s gutters!

Why Is This Happening?

The issue is actually a good bit more common than you might think, and depending on your situation there are only a couple of causes. It’s still an annoying and potentially costly problem to have, but at least we can help you narrow down the roof pretty easily! The most common causes include:

  • Gutter clogs. This is the problem you’re hoping for right here. The problem is most often a simple gutter clog or build up of plant debris, which can be easily remedied by cleaning your gutters or freeing the clog to allow for adequate water flow.
  • Damaged or absent drip edge. The drip edge is a component installed along the eaves of your roof that helps to direct water flow and project it outward, ideally into your gutters where it will be safely carried away. If the drip edge is installed incorrectly or takes on some damage from time or weather, it can often result in water just not quite making it to the gutters and falling short.
  • A poor gutter installation. A new gutter installation is a great investment, and one that can help you protect your home’s exterior for years to come. But occasionally someone makes a goof, or you get a service expert that just isn’t quite up to snuff. Incorrectly sized, poorly adjusted, or shoddily fastened gutters can lead to excess space between the gutter and roof, which will lead to water falling in between.
  • A new roof. A new roof is a huge project, and one that has to be carefully balanced with the rest of the fixtures in and around your home. If the problem started popping up just after or recently after a roof installation, there are good odds on the contractor not taking the gutters into account during the service and construction.

Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

Just a little water, no harm, right? Well it’s actually a pretty huge deal. Water running down the side of your home can create a lot of issues, including tons of mold growth, damage to siding and windows, and it can even lead to long-term foundation damage. Gutters aren’t just there for convenience—they play a big part in keeping your home functional and safe!

Gutter Replacement Services in Columbus, Ohio

Need a team of experts with the skill, know-how, and tools to get your gutters working right? Contact the team at APCO to get leading solutions that guarantee cost-efficient, effective fixes for your leaking gutters—including the extended drip edge!

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