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Why Is My Roof Sagging?

The roof of your Columbus home is proof against a slew of dangers. It protects against sun, against rain, storm damage; you name it. So when your roof begins to sag, it can be downright scary. What do you do if your roof begins sagging? What caused it and what can you do to preserve it? Answers to these and more, coming right up by way of the certified roofing specialists at APCO!

It is our endless goal and our absolute pleasure to bring Ohio homeowners the best in home services. For years now, we’ve pledged to bring the best in roofing services we can possibly provide. And sometimes that means no more or less than bringing you the answers you need. Got a saggy, draggy roof? We can help.

Why Is My Roof Sagging?

We all know what a saggy roof looks like. It looks sad. But it’s pretty dangerous as far as roofing problems go, too. It is often an indication of a totally failing roof, and can result in needing a total replacement if not rectified soon enough. But how did it happen, and what can you do about it?

A sagging roof can be caused by:

  • Too much weight. Excessive weight load on the roof is one of the most common causes. Your roof was specifically designed to handle a very specific weight range. Exceed that range, and you’re going to see a sag develop. This can happen because of a flubbed installation (more commonly replacement), heavy snow over a period of years, standing water; lots of stuff.
  • Water damage. Another fairly common root of a sagging issue, water damage can happen when your roof has sustained damage that goes unnoticed for too long. Missing shingles and cracking in your roof material allow water to get where it shouldn’t go, and once it’s there, it can cause a lot of rot and do damage to the trussing and vulnerable materials underneath.
  • Bad roofing materials. This one is far less common overall. When you work with professional roofers, you’re almost always going to get a perfect product. But if there was a mistake somewhere down the line, or you were unfortunate enough to get a bad roofer, you might have some shoddy roofing materials that just can’t stand up to the job required of them.

Get Superior Roofing Solutions with APCO

There are a few other fringier issues like problems with a ceiling joist, a damaged deck or patio, junked up gutters, and similar issues. But no matter what the problem is, once you have a saggy roof, only one thing matters: getting a professional to help.

A sag in your roof presents a huge danger, and it needs to be rectified right away. That’s why our roofing experts provide fast, effective repair and replacement services to ensure you get the solutions you need to be sure your roof is ready for anything!

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